hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is produced from a natural wood after kiln dried as raw material; the flooring board is the same kind of wood, single-layer structure. Hardwood flooring is directly processed from wood log to flooring and wood is valuable tree species. Hardwood flooring has a natural tree pattern with low thermal conductivity. Wood flooring has features of beauty, comfortable and luxury. It is the ideal floor covering decoration materials for the house, office, commercial places. Wood flooring can bring you back to nature with natural texture, solid wood flooring is more valuable when wood forest is getting less because it takes decades of years for the grow-up of wood.

Hardwood flooring have many species and different species will have different hardness, density, texture, color and grains. Species include Birch, Ash, Oak, Beech, Teak, Maple, Red Sandalwood, Ipe etc. Same wood specie growing up in different countries will also have different density and color. For example, maple in Canada and Russia is called Canadian maple and Russia maple.

In the market, by wood's density and price, it can be divided into various levels.

Solid wood flooring — medium level: teak (Myanmar origin), merbau (pineapple), tea cornel (rue).

Solid wood flooring — light color: Canadian Maple (North America origin), Fagus (beech), birch.

Solid wood flooring — medium color: red oak (North American origin), Asian pear (Africa origin), white oak (Quercus), iron hematoxylin (South America origin).

Solid wood flooring — dark color: Balsamo (red sandalwood, Paraguay origin), Lapa Qiao (red sandalwood, Paraguay origin), teak (Myanmar origin), tree species reference (jade sandalwood, South American origin ), walnut (North American origin), wenge (African origin), purple Heart wood (Southeast Asia origin), merbau, incense two winged beans, bean pod wood.

Solid wood flooring — rough grain: teak, white oak (Quercus), Gan Croton, Ash.

Solid wood flooring — fine grain: beech, birch.

In our factory, we carry the stock of hardwood flooring, including oak.

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