bamboo flooring

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is a grass. Bamboo floor is an eco-friendly and environmental flooring. Bamboo floor brings you a new idea to make real green choice.

Bamboo floor has a very wide varieties, including solid, engineered, strand woven, click, click strand, heating, decking, industrial and flooring accessories.

Bamboo Flooring Color

Bamboo floors have natural, carbonized and tiger color, also can be stained in various colors, like maple, teak, red oak, mohagny etc.

Bamboo Flooring Structure or Grain

Bamboo flooring has horizontal or flat pressed, vertical side pressed and strand woven. Strand woven has higher density than horizontal or vertical.

​Bamboo Flooring Features​

Eco friendly, beautiful flooring

Bamboo flooring is extremely hard, durable and dent-resistant, bamboo flooring is healthy and eco-friendly. Bamboo floor has an appealing and unique look, capturing the natural beauty of bamboo.

Bamboo is a grass, not hardwood

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant. Bamboo is actually considered a grass because bamboo can be re-harvested every 3-5 years. Bamboo is green, strong and elegant. Bamboo is subtle material for flooring, veneer, plywood.

Easy to buy, nice for home

Bamboo floors are an environmentally flooring for home, hotel and store. Bamboo flooring is becoming a popular choice for all kinds of customers who realize its benefits. Bamboo grows mainly in China but can be easily purchased in North America and Europe.

High density, healthy

Bamboo floor has high density and low formaldehyde emission. Density of bamboo floors is 750 kg/m3 and formaldehyde emission of bamboo flooring is only 0.015 mg/m3.

Bamboo Flooring Introduction

Bamboo flooring is through an amazing manufacturing process from raw bamboo trees to bamboo floor. It changes people's bamboo knowledge completely. Harvesting bamboo stalks, cutting, slicing into bamboo strips, boiling and carbonizing to remove sugar, drying, pressing strips into flooring plank, milling and finishing.

Bamboo is very versatile for producing different grain and color options bamboo floors. This versatility is better than any hardwoods which is always with a fixed dimension. Prefinished bamboo floors with tongue and groove keep costs much down and simple installation. Durability of bamboo floors is equal to or even higher than most of hardwood species, 25% harder than oak or maple.

Bamboo floor is a beautiful and exotic alternative floors for hardwoods. Bamboo floors are the best choice for environmentally and healthy flooring in the world because of its raw material - bamboo which is regarded as a grass, not a wood. Bamboo floor is developed over 20 years and it has been a very mature product, very stable and consistent quality flooring. Bamboo floors are widely popular over the countries, from western world to developing countries.

Customer: Mr Ilya
Content: Hello, I am Mr Ilya and am currently opening a flooring companny here in France, I am very interested in marketing bamboo flooring and would like to receive your FOB Prices for horizontal/vertical natural/carbonized flooring planks. we also interested in other bamboo flooring choices for EU market,such as strand woven bambu,engineered with interlocking system floating bambu and bambu veneer sheets. hoping to hear from you.
Content: We are interested in promoting and selling your bamboo for flooring. If possible I need • pricing • minimums • lead time • stock in usa? • samples available for free for my customers? • sample binder or loose stock? • if you have any commercial testing done with it. i would like you to ship me a sample of everything you offer.
Customer: Dipl. Ing. Marko Braeuning
Content: Good day Toni, as one of Germany´s biggest Hardware-Store–supplier in bath cabinets, based on a request by our customer we are currently expanding our product line to bamboo flooring. Therefore I am looking for a new supplier on bamboo flooring as well as all needed accessories. Our Requirements: - Stabile business conditions on pricing (By contract) - Stabile business conditions on product quality (by Contract) - Best quality (End customer business in Germany – sample request by airmail) - A certificate that no poisoned components are used (send certificate) - One contact partner speaking fluent English in word and writing - Resources to produce on request (explain) - On-Time-Delivery (By contractual agreement, including penalty for delays longer than 10 days) - Fair dealing with complaints (explain details) - A certified QM-System according ISO 9001:2000 or 2008 (send copy). We offer: - Test-order 20 HQ - within second quarter 2009 - After implementation-phase at least an order of 1 HQ / month – within last quarter 2009 or first quarter 2010 - After the implementation of the products in the different markets of the hardware stores the amount might be even more - within 2011. If you are able to fulfill this requirements we are pleased to concern you in our supplier evaluation. Than please send an cost estimate for Flat Grain Carbonized and Natural as well as Vertical Carbonized and Neutral in all sizes available as well as the needed accessories. Please include an explanation on how you fulfill our requirements.
Customer: Anna
Content: Hi Tony, How are you? Happy New Year! I am in Sweden and I decided to do a market research for bamboo here. Could you offer me your best price for bamboo flooring if I would be able to import it to here. Please tell me in m2. Can you also tell me this again: 1. How many m2 in one 20' container? 2. Shipping price for container to Sweden. Is that approximately 2000 USD? After I receive info. I will start calculating if possible to sell here. They have 25% tax here which is high and I researched that people here still dont know much about bamboo floor and those small companies who have it sell it for very expensive so not many people buy. But, let's see what can be done. Thanks!
Customer: Carles Bellet Menéndez
Content: Dear Tony, Could you give me price and term of delivery for 1000 sq aproximately (one container) of Engineered Bamboo flooring horizontal or vertical natural matt and term of delivery? I have to offer this as soon as possible and try to get this operation. Waiting for your news.
Customer: Andrew Gill
Content: Dear Tony, My name is Andrew Gill and I am a project manager at Burchfield Resources, LLC. This past summer you provided us with pricing information for bamboo flooring and accessories (the information table you sent is reproduced below). We were not able to place our order then due to certain construction constraints but are now ready to do so. If you can please update your pricing for our order (see table below) we will appreciate it. Please know that given the current economic situation in the USA, we are seeking a reduction to the prices that you provided us last summer. Please fill in the below table with the current pricing so that we can get this process underway. I appreciate your timely reply. Thank you.
Customer: Jack Delbridge
Content: Dear Sir or Madam: The Commercial Attaché at your Embassy in Washington, D.C. has identified your company as a leading supplier of bamboo products to the United States. Our research indicates the demand for bamboo materials in the United States market is growing rapidly, largely due to the "green movement" and a need for renewable building materials. According to the United States Commerce Department, importations of bamboo are rising and our company would like to join the movement. We have identified potential markets for bamboo materials and would like to bring these products to the Southeastern United States. Please send us your current catalog and price list, and full information regarding your company policies. We look forward to your kind reply.
Customer: Vlatka Hitrec
Content: Hello, I am writing You from Cratia, and I am interested about Your products. I am just opening a company in Craatia and i am looking for some product to import. I am interested about bamboo and parquet. Are You interested for export in Cratia? If yes, can You please send me som brochures and prise list, also the terms? Kind regards
Customer: Marina
Content: Dear Sirs, we are Metrico company from Serbia, we are building and construction company, and we were to China few months ago. Now, we are very interested in bamboo floring, and we need offer for 3000 m2. This is very urgent, and it would be very nice that you reply me with your offer as soon as possible. We are currently opening a flooring companny here, I am very interested in marketing bamboo flooring and would like to receive your FOB/CIF Lehavre Prices, as well as quantity/container.
Customer: Tim Hunter
Content: Good Day, I have a number of clients within our network looking for bamboo floors and products. I was just looking at your site, and I am seeking to work with one company exclusively. I'm simply looking to direct my clients to a relevant site when they're looking for a quality source for bamboo floors and accessories. Your site looks like it could make a strong fit for what they're looking for. Call me today for a demonstration of how we can increase your business. I am looking to work with one company as soon as possible, so I'm hoping the decision maker is available to talk sometime today. Give me a call at your convenience. Thanks in advance
Customer: Andres Hernandez Ruiz
Content: Dear Tony, Hope you are fine. As We talk on the phone, I work for a Mexican Company and We are interested on introducing your product into our market. We are new on trading bamboo floor. I would like to know the prices (EX) according the type of bamboo( natural or carbonized) andif it is horizontal or vertical. If you could explain me the differences and advantages. The dimensions as a reference: 96mm x 960mm x 15mm or box of 2.1 m"2. I also want to know if you have a representative office here in Shanghai, so I can visit you if not, directly to your factory. Thank you.
Customer: mike chen
Content: attention: Hi: i am purchaser in china. we are spainish import company. want to purchase about 14000 sqm solid bamboo flooring. 1, solid vertical carbonize bamboo flooring. dimension: 1830*96*15mm finish: TREFFERT UV painting 7 coating. 2, strand woven bamboo flooring natural dimension: 920*96*14mm finish: TREFFERT UV painting 7 coating. pls quote FOB price, delivery time, packing, payment terms & your certificates as soon as possible. also pls suggest your distance from shanghai or nanjing.
Customer: DEBBIE
Content: Tyrone and Steve representing - Leisure Coast Bamboo Flooring Australia, will be visiting China in approx. 5 weeks. They are visiting local bamboo flooring manufacturers to discuss their products & pricing, touring manufacturing plant. Would you please confirm that you would be interested to make an appointment for them to see you. Also on your return reply would it be possible to organise accomadation for them in your area.
Customer: Johanna Fix
Content: Dear Mr. Tony He, We found your contact on the Internet and would be pleased to know more about your products. We are an important import- and distributer company for the Do-It-Yourself market in Europe (mostly in France, Germany, Austria, Italia, Nederland and Belgium). On our website you can see some examples of our ranges. Our specialties are shelves and self-systems, flooring, wall cladding, edge glued panels, kitchen cabinet doors, WPC decking (we have our own brand for this) and a few garden products. We are looking for qualified and reliable suppliers for Engineer floating bamboo flooring with following specifications: Varnished, carton packed, price on FOB base • 980 x 96 mm / 15 mm / massif / not clipsable / packing: 1.11 m² bundles / wood essence: bamboo - dark brown / 1 strip. • 1100 x 207 mm / 10 mm / top layer 2.5 mm / clipsable / packing: 2.08 m² bundles / wood essence: Oak (B / C Grade) / 3 strips • 1085 x 189 mm / 14 mm / top layer 3 mm / clipsable / packing: 1.58 m² bundles / wood essence: Oak (B / C Grade) / 3 strips • 1100 x 207 mm / 15 mm / top layer 3.5 mm / clipsable / packing: 1.58 m² bundles / wood essence: Oak, Beech / Alder, Merbau (all in B Grade) / 3 strips • 1092 x 207 mm / 15 mm / top layer 3.5 mm / clipsable / packing: 1.58 m² bundles / wood essence: Brushed Oak Honey color / 3 strips • 1200 x 125 mm / 12 mm / top layer 3.5 mm / clipsable / packing: 1.80 m² bundles / wood essence: Brushed Oak (Rustic grade) / 1 Strip. Other specifications and essences could be interesting in a further business but first of all we need a.s.a.p. quotations for this action. Note that we don’t sell any laminate flooring! Please also inform about your production facilities and capacities. Thank you and best regards.
Customer: Arjuna vd Kooij
Content: Hello, We are a floor company from Europe. We are looking for good suppliers of bamboo flooring. We will be in Shanghai from 15-18 June. We are looking for Formaldehyde Free companies. Is your glue formaldehyde free? Perhaps we can meet in Shanghai.
Customer: Shatlav
Content: Hello, I live in the France and I am interested in bamboo flooring in horizontal vertical. I need abour 2200 sf of bamboo for my home. I want to know how much your bamboo is and if you can ship it here? You have 4 kinds on your site. I would like to know those prices please. The horizontal coffee, Vertical coffee, horizontal nature, and vertical nature. Thank you. We are now in the administration process to open our society. By the way we're contacting you to compare samples quality and prices to choose our future purveyors. With the samples and the catalogs we would be able to show it at our customers and begin the business. I see that the Strand woven is big size of parquet. The French standard is about 960mm x 96mm x 15mm, but I'll tell if a have a order for this kind of parquet. I'm interested by Solid Bamboo parquet, please can you send me samples and catalogs in the following adress: 8, rue de la Bascule 11200 Névian France. Looking forward hearing from you.
Customer: Lionel Solgadi
Content: Dear Mr. Tony, I'm interested to order big volume of parquet. May I have the price- list (quotation) of: - Product Solid Bamboo Flooring: Carbonised, Horizontal - Product Solid Bamboo Flooring: Natural, Horizontal. Please send me catalogs of the different kind of parquet you propose. What are the details of the sending process? What is the average delivery time of the goods? I would like to send it by container. Do you furnish any extra – equipment? What are the payments conditions? Best regards
Customer: Brian Fredrick
Content: Hello, I live in Colorado (United States) and am wondering if I can order from you directly. I am looking at buying 600 sq ft of carbonized click lock strand woven bamboo flooring. Also risers and treads for stairs if you have them. What would that cost me to order from you? color: Carbonized strand woven. Riser and stairs: 14 stairs and they measure 34" wide. Stair height = 8.5". Stair width = 11.25". Address: 2710 West 2nd Ave Durango, Colorado 81301
Customer: Otton Ruiz
Content: Hello, I am a comercial people from Spain, I have a proyect of 1500sqm of solid floor bamboo. I send you a pictures, the customer want this type of floor 180x14x2, if you have this product, please send me information and prices fob. I wait your rapid reply.
Customer: Mohit
Content: Dear Tony, We had met at the Shanghai Domotex Fair, early of this year. We are a group company in Holland w/ 338 DIY supermarkets in 2 countries-(Holland and Belgium); attached presentation, for your ref. As per our discussion in your booth, we requested photo offer quotations be sent to me for items discussed. Pls. send me this photo offer quotation, at earliest. I have just attached examples of photo offer quotations, for your ref.. Pls. just send me quotations w/ all details so all is clear and we can study your quotations and come to a final decision of how to proceed further.
Customer: Chad Clark
Content: I am sending this email requesting your pricing on the tiger stranded woven flooring I saw on your website. Please email me the specification and pricing on this flooring. What would the shipping cost be for 40 cartons delivered to Winter Garden, FL 34787? I am interested in buying this material but I need to know the shipping cost. Thank you.
Customer: Anne Foss
Content: Dear Sir, We are an importer of construction materials. I am looking for hand-scraped bamboo flooring in various colors – especially stained – other than natural colors. If you are interested in the business, please email me your price list with pictures. Thanks
Customer: Mark
Content: Hello. I am in Santa Barbara, California, USA. I am interested in using your strand woven carbonized bamboo flooring in a house. I would order one pallet (How many square feet of this product come per pallet?). Please tell me product cost, extra charges I need to pay, taxes, shipping and any other costs for an order. What is the time from order to delivery? Also, please confirm that this product is unfinished. Do you also offer a prefinished product?
Customer: Surender Ahlawat
Content: We need Bamboo or other wood engineered Flooring, or Tiles or Blocks any size. But Having similar look like our pictures here attached. First trail order for about 600 sq mts in this. Once we atart then it will be a regular business for India & Dubai. We need any material- Engineered, Carbonized, Stranded, Solid or Laminated in Bamboo or other good wood. Preferably Bamboo. BUT THE APPEARANCE & COLOUR LOOK must be as close as possible to our pictures. Any thickness will do. We have to get one sample approved from the owners of the project and will need a sample. Send us a piece or two which you feel is close to ours. Also send me a picture before sending the sample. If sample is not approved we will send you the cost. If approved then you get our order and no cost of sample. I am leaving tonight for the project site in Dubai. You may send samples to my Hotel there.
Customer: Green Marte
Content: Dear Sir, Our company is of importation and distribuition the profissional of parquet and acessory for the America and Spanish Marquet. We import kinds of flooring; pls kindly send you lowest price FOB Shanghai port for all bamboo floorings you can offer. With best regards!
Customer: S. P.
Content: Hello, I'm interested in your product "solid click lock strand woven bamboo flooring". Could you please send me a list of stores or importers where I can purchase it. Especially for the following countries: Austria, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Belgium/Netherlands. Thank you very much
Customer: Peter Weixler
Content: Dear Sir, Madam, We are company from Slovenia- Europe, we are doing business whit similar products that your are producing. We would be interested in some of your products, specially like bamboo decking in standard and extreme, that is why we would like to know more details about your products and we would like to get your price list. Do you have some reference projects in Europe? We are looking forward to get your reply very soon.
Customer: Mario
Content: Hello, I have seen that you are produced Bamboo parquet flooring and I have a big company that puts up wood flooring. My company has now for 3 months a big building with 8000 m2 flooring and I need for this building Bamboo flooring. I wanna now what is your export price for Croatia, 8000m2 bamboo flooring with 7500 m bambus on wall. Please send us price list with all bamboo flooring that you have.
Customer: Tom Lenderink
Content: We are interested in your bamboo veneer in the thinest thickness available and the largest sheet size available. We will be printing on it and laying it up with a special fleece backer. If you can do this we would furnish the fleece to you. It is a thermoset fleece and very strong. We would like a veneer thickness of no more than .010" or .2mm if possible. You or we would add a.010 or a .004" thick adhesive coated backer sheet to the bamboo to make flat and strong to handle. Please advise lead time: size available thickness: we are thinking we would like our own cellulose backing on the bamboo if possible. Currently we do the microwood veneers in 24" wide rolls and sheets from 24 x 24(some smaller) up to 48 x 96". We have facilities to lay up if you send us good raw stock. But, would be better for you to lay up if you have a Hot press. Our backers require appx 210 to 250 degrees F depending on backer. Please not our website for info on our Micro veneer product line and the dryfilm adhesive films and backer sheets we offfer. We do in sheets and rolls depending on the product/specie. We are currently ready to add a product in Bamboo to our product line. Please advise soon since we have a large pending order.
Customer: Seong Ho Cho
Content: Dear Sir/Madam, I am building my house and would like to use wide plank bamboo flooring. I will appreciate if you could send me a quotation for total floor area of 570 square meters. It should be less if not considering bathrooms. Please refer to floor plan file attached. If you could also suggest me any floor design for bamboo flooring, I will appreciate for it. If anything goes well, I would like to visit you in December this year. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for your time.
Customer: Ola Vallin
Content: Hello My name is Mr. Ola Vallin From sweden I run a bamboo flooring company in sweden and I am looking for a new supplier so i am very intrested in what your company has to offer, regarding solid bamboo flooring. both natural and carbonate and horizontal and vertical. I am intrested in your top quality solid bamboo floors, dimensions, layers of laquer, price and manufacturing times and minnimum ordar such as one container. We are Very intrested in your companies products. We would be very happy if you could send us full length samples of solid bamboo flooring both natural and carbonate, horizontal and vertical. for ouer viewing. For us it is of high importance that we get full length samples as it is the easiest and best way to rewiev the products quality.
Customer: Erik Volsgaard
Content: Dear Sir I have visited your web page and studied your solid bamboo flooring products. Where can I see and buy these floors in Denmark? Do you also manufacture Bamboo boards for outdoor usages on a patio or veranda? Best regards
Customer: Zef Vulaj
Content: Hi my name is Zef Vulaj and I represent 4 corners import export company and I am interested in hardwood bamboo flooring which is ¾” thick. I am interested to bring some to U.S.A and Europe please let me know if you have it and sizes you carry with the prize and all the info you can about the flooring.
Customer: Anton Carstensen
Content: Dear Sirs, we are interested in following products: 1. strand woven bamboo parquet. It should be carbonized, varnished and with micro bevel in these following dimensions: thickness: ca. 14-15mm length: ca. 1800-2000mm width: ca. 90-100mm 2. strand woven bamboo outdoor planks with these following properties and dimensions: 1) fireproof and anti-burning 2) waterproof glue, designed by two-side's concave-convex anti-slipping 3) anti-mildew, mothproof and antiseptic thickness: ca. 20mm length: ca. 1900-2000mm width: ca. 130-150mm We would order an amount of 2 - 4 containers (20feet) per month. Can you produce that? Please give us your rock buttom price (FOB).If price and quality are excellent, our managing director is going to visit you in Sep/Oct. We are looking forward to your quick reply! Best regards from Hamburg, Germany.
Customer: Aurora Georgescu
Content: To whom this may concern: Dear Sir/Madame I am representing a company who sells laminated flooring on the Romanian market and I am very interested of your products. We have four stors in Bucharest and we are looking to expand this succesful bussines. Now we sell about 20000 sqare meters per month. We are interested in your offer for laminated flooring, bamboo flooring and hardwood flooring with all your delivery conditions. Please contact me on my e-mail adress or on my phone number. We'll hope to hear from you soon. Best regards
Customer: Anibal Mercado
Content: Dear Sir. Now we need some bamboo flooring. how much is the cost of 960*96/160*12/15mm with the natural and carbonized bamboo flooring. the structure is horizontal and vertical. Please sent us your catalog and packing pic. thanks
Customer: Dancar sa
Content: Hi, Our company in Belgium is specialized in the import of asian floors. We are very interested generally in the bamboo floor FIRST QUALITY and in particular in the followings products: -horizontal and vertical carbonized varnished ( with which varnish ? Bona ?) size 15x150x1850. -vertical carbonized unfinished size 15x150x1850. -bamnoo carbonized varnished size 15x120x1850. Can we you ask your best prices (FOB Shanghaï) of this products for regulars orders and of course your payment conditions. We think to come in China (with an invitation from you necessary to obtain our visa) during the month of September to visit your manufacturer, meet you and begin our collaboration. Mainwhile, thank you for your speedy answer. Best regards.
Customer: Tim
Content: Dear Tony, We are from Australia nad have been importing bambbo for many years and we are interested in the woven bamboo flooring. Can yo please provide us with pricing. We will be in China next month and will drop in to see you. Please confirm that you company have ISO and also advisewhich country do you export woven bamboo to.
Customer: Laia Celma
Content: Dear Mr/Mrs, We are currently working on the design of a Design College in London. We are considering using the Bamboo Industrial Parquet, but we need a raised floor system, which has a 600x600 modulation. Which modulation would you recommend for the parquet on top? Which would be the final price? Do you recommend any acoustic underlay and a lacquer on top? Could we get a sample of your product? Thanks for your help.
Customer: ROSSANESE A.
Content: Dear Sirs, we are an Italian company, our offices are located near Milano, we import many containers per year from China, our main business are in the fiels: wood, furnitures and buildings, we would be glad if you send us the best quotation to SqM for the following items: - BAMBOO FLOORING SIZE: 96OX96x15mm NATURAL COLOR AND CARBONIZED COLOR, VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL. - BAMBOO FLOORING SIZE: 1860x96x15mm NATURAL COLOR AND CARBONIZED COLOR, VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL. - ENGINEERED BAMBOO FLOORING SIZE: 1900X190X14mm, NATURAL AND CARBONIZED, VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL - CLICK BAMBOO FLOORING SIZE 1900x190x14mm NATURAL AND CARBONIZED, VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL. Thanks and best regards
Customer: İsmail Yaprak
Content: Dear Sir.. We are seller wood flooring in Turkey.I was looking your web addres. We want to buy them from your company. We are interesd this products. Can you send prices of AC2 wood flooring We want to learn CIF Mersin Port Prices. I want to a proforma invoince about this products. Could you send me proforma invoince. About prices, payment tersm, Deliver times..ect..I am waitin your mail..I give my msn adress to talk on msn. Best Regards
Customer: Janusz
Content: I would be very much interested in purchasing a 20' container of your wide plank bamboo flooring in horizontal carbonized. Please provide me with all necessary information: Method of payment. Price of m2 FOB Hamburg Germany. What kind of warranty for the flooring do you provide Thank you
Customer: Graham Baird
Content: Hi We are distributors of timber floors in Australia, we import from two suppliers in China, solid click strand woven bamboo, can you submit your product range and pricing for strand woven 1800-1900x 14mm x 90-96mm. Look Forward hearing from you.
Customer: Damien Patton
Content: Good Morning, We are a large importer of bamboo flooring into the Western USA. Every month we get 10 to 12 containers from China. We are looking to expand our markets in the USA and need more bamboo flooring suppliers. Can you please send me a full list of your products and the price. Our plans are to be back in China in 30 days to meet with our current suppliers and new partners. We look forward to hearing from you.
Customer: Lena
Content: Dear Sir / Mdm, Please quote your best price for the bamboo flooring T & G The Detail Below : Soild Bamboo Flooring T & G Sizes : Thk20mm X 105mm or 125mm X L6Ft. ( Note : if you don't have our sizes we can follow your sizes ) Total Qty : 70,000Ft. ( but now we want do 1 unit sample house so try 700Ft. First ) Price : C.I.F Singapore
Customer: Brian Geddis
Content: I am a supplier, architect and builder here in Oregon, U.S. I am looking for a manufacturer to fill an order for 85,000 square feet of natural or coffee colored strand woven bamboo flooring. Please forward a price and delivery options for Vancouver, B.C. I will also require samples. Please provide a price breakdown of this order shipped to Vancouver, B.C. I am thinking that this shipment should require 5-7 20ft. containers. Please confirm all of the particulars, including specifications on the bamboo.