bamboo flooring series
Item No.BB - KB - 0302
ProductWide Plank Bamboo Flooring
StructureHorizontal or Flat Pressed
Size1920 x 154 x 15 mm
T + GTongue and Groove
SurfacePre-finished or Lacquered

Cross Horizontal is all 3 layers of bamboo strips are flat pressed, face and bottom layers go same direction, middle layer goes cross direction. It is a stable structure than standard horizontal.

Carbonized color has a darker color tone when compared to natural bamboo color. It is also called caramel color as it is a little dark and honey.

Bamboo parquet is a wide plank of bamboo flooring which offers a unique look, enabling an attractive option for flooring in homes and offices. Wide plank is fast to be installed.

wide plank bamboo flooring
wide plank bamboo flooring
wide plank bamboo flooring