bamboo flooring series
Item No.BB - FG - 0703
ProductBrushed Bamboo Flooring
Size960 x 96 x 15 mm
T + GTongue + Groove
SurfacePre-finished or Lacquered

Brushed bamboo flooring on carbonized vertical, stained grey color, tongue and groove.

Brushed bamboo flooring is manufactured by sending bamboo flooring, either solid or strand woven, into a brusher machine to make bamboo flooring surface a lot of brush lines. After brushing, we sand and coat bamboo flooring as usual. But brushed bamboo flooring looks very rustic and unique then regular bamboo. Brushed bamboo flooring can exactly match your fantastic and outstanding rooms.

Hand scraped bamboo flooring is a type of bamboo flooring that has a scraped texture on it, and that helps give it a naturally rough but interesting look. The work involved in creating hand scraped bamboo flooring is much higher than that in producing the regular bamboo flooring. This is because each piece of flooring is manually produced, where scraping tools are used to create the scraped effect and a give it a rough texture. This means each piece of hand scraped bamboo flooring is not uniform, but unique in appearance, with its own character and individuality. This gives it a special exotic appeal that is not available in the various other flooring types.

brushed bamboo flooring
brushed bamboo flooring
brushed bamboo flooring