bamboo flooring series
Item No.BB - ZZ - 0509
ProductStrand woven bamboo flooring
StructureStrand woven
Size1850 x 125 x 14 mm
T + GValinge Glueless Click
SurfacePre-finished or Lacquered

Chocolate color in click strand woven bamboo is a stain color which we color on carbonizedcolor of click strand woven bamboo flooring, pretty dark.

Click strand is click lock system of strand bamboo flooring. The click is Valinge.

Click strand woven bamboo flooring is the click lock profile of regular strand woven bamboo flooring and is uniquely suited for the wear requirements of high traffic residential and commercial locations but beautiful enough to be installed the finest homes.

Bamboo flooring only has natural and carbonized color, very simple and no many choices for customer selection. We make the stain during coating to get various colors, like chocolate, grey, black, cherry, teak etc.

Strand woven bamboo flooring is made by cutting down mostly 'moso' bamboo grown in Anhui Province. The bamboo is cut into strips which are then boiled in a solution of water and boric acid to draw out the sugars in the bamboo which attract termites. Then the strips are compressed under high temperatures with a low VOC adhesive.

Strand woven bamboo has a Janka Hardness of over 2,000 pounds force making it harder than such famous hardwoods as oak, hickory, ash and maple. This is a key benefit of strand woven bamboo flooring, namely it is incredibly strong and durable and suitable for high traffic situations.

Strand woven bamboo flooring is newly developed in recent years, a new type of green environmental material with consistent high quality. Strand woven bamboo is a wood manufacturing process based on principles of reorganization, processed with bamboo as raw material, a new bamboo floor board. Strand woven is composed from bamboo beam which is cracked into long and cross-linked fiber, then drying, gluing, and pressing to get the log of strand woven.

strand woven bamboo flooring
strand woven bamboo flooring
strand woven bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring divided by the structure is Horizontal, Vertical and Strand Woven.

horizontal bamboo flooring

Bamboo Flooring | Horizontal

vertical bamboo flooring

Bamboo Flooring | Vertical

strand woven bamboo flooring

Bamboo Flooring | Strand Woven

Bamboo flooring divided by the color is Natural, Carbonized and Tiger.

natural bamboo flooring

Bamboo Flooring | Natural

carbonized bamboo flooring

Bamboo Flooring | Carbonized

tiger bamboo flooring

Bamboo Flooring | Tiger

Bamboo flooring divided by the edge is Tongue and Groove, Click System.

tongue and groove
tongue and groove
tongue and groove

Tongue + Groove


Click System