BothBest - manufactures largest variety and best quality of bamboo flooring, bamboo panel and bamboo veneer and is equipped with high-tech computerized machines.

BothBest - focuses on bamboo only because it is an amazing rapidly renewable resource.

BothBest - has been recognized as professional supplier and exporter in bamboo market worldwidely.

BothBest - is a proud China-based company that is committed to bringing only the best to our customers, leading online sale for your bamboo flooring needs.

BothBest - is a bamboo flooring specialist and our knowledge is based on many years of experience on quality bamboo.

beautiful bamboo mountain
Bothbest has most capability of researching and renovating bamboo products, numeros of products are created from bamboo, extending your original impression and imagination on bamboo. New bamboo will be here always, come back and find your interests.

About Bamboo Flooring

  • Bamboo flooring has gained popularity with green building councils in the world, due to its many environmentally friendly characteristics. Green building is the practice of increasing the efficiency with which buildings and their sites use and harvest energy, water, and materials, and reducing building impacts on human health and the environment, through better sitting, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and removal- the complete building life cycle.
  • Bamboo flooring is installed just like hardwood tongue-and-groove flooring, a full spread glue down or nailed down application is preferred. It is also comparable in price to oak or other hardwood flooring.
  • Bamboo is a resource that has been used for centuries because of its hardness, durability and ability to withstand many years of use. Bamboo is an environmentally sound alternative and is nature's substitute for the beautiful yet endangered rain forest hardwoods.
  • Bamboo flooring is an excellent choice for decorating your home and giving yourself a floor that is made from a wood that is long lasting, light, and enjoyable to look at for years to come. Bamboo is just as good if not a better choice than many other standards woods when it comes to giving your home a great floor whatever the room. Bamboo floor is beautiful and durable and comes in attractive highly decorative patterns for high-end decor.

About BothBest

  • Style - we continually strive to bring you the latest styles and innovations in bamboo flooring, bamboo paneling, bamboo veneer and accessories.
  • Quality - is never compromised. We only bring you the best quality bamboo flooring and bamboo panels available in the world.
  • Service - we aim to be the best in the business for our quality of customer service. You can visit our website to find all the products information and photos, easy to study and decide.
  • Environment - we would like to do our part for the environment and would like to invite you to do so too with a renewable resource like bamboo flooring.
  • Price - you will find our bamboo floor prices very affordable compared to all other flooring products as we will deliver directly from factory to you.

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    Bamboo plywood is laminated paneling by selected bamboo strips with high temperature, high pressure, extremely low VOC of adhesive, it is entirely healthy plywood material. Despite all the uses of bamboo plywood, it is important to carve the wood that fits in your home business. Wherever you want to use this wood either in the kitchen, paneling or for other applications, you need to ensure the right product you're your needs.<

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    Around the bamboo flooring and the bamboo itself as a material, many myths have accumulated that are incompatible with the facts. This is an exotic material that is interesting for use in interior equipment, house application, office installation. Bamboo flooring has high durability, stability and is very suitable for heating system, both water and electricity.

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    Bamboo is a plant that has many qualities and characteristics similar to wood, bamboo flooring has significant advantages than regular hardwood flooring, including fast growing, renewable plantation, easy milling, FSC certified raw material, high stability, quick installation, high strength.