bamboo flooring series
Item No.BB - FG - 0704
ProductRustic Bamboo Flooring
StructureStrand Woven
Size1850 x 125 x 14 mm
T + GUnilin Click
SurfacePre-finished or Lacquered

Brushed bamboo flooring in stained white color on strand woven, it is unilin click profile, easy and fast installation.

Rustic bamboo flooring is designed to mimic the look of aged or weathered wood, with features such as knots, grain variations, and natural imperfections. The surface may have a distressed or hand-scraped texture to enhance its rustic appeal. One of the defining characteristics of rustic bamboo flooring is its natural variation in color and texture. Each plank may exhibit unique grain patterns, knots, and markings, adding to its authenticity and charm. This variation creates a sense of depth and visual interest in the flooring. Whether used in a rustic-themed room or as a contrasting element in a contemporary space, rustic bamboo flooring can create a timeless and inviting ambiance.

rustic bamboo flooring
rustic bamboo flooring
rustic bamboo flooring