bamboo flooring series
Item No.BB - FG - 0702
ProductDistressed Bamboo Flooring
StructureStrand Woven
Size1850 x 96 x 14 mm
T + GTongue + Groove
SurfacePre-finished or Lacquered

Distressed bamboo flooring is scraped all by hands, no carpenter machines involved. This can ensure every board is unique and different than another, no 2 boards are same. Distressed bamboo flooring is always hand crafted on strand woven bamboo with click-lock application. It is great for do-it-yourselfers without hard work on installation, also available in multiple colors. The distressed look of bamboo flooring adds authenticity and character to the space, mimicking the appearance of reclaimed wood or vintage flooring.

Distressed bamboo flooring offers a unique and rustic aesthetic that can add character and charm to any interior space. Distressed bamboo flooring is intentionally treated to create a weathered and aged appearance. The surface of the bamboo planks may be scraped, brushed, or hand-distressed to simulate the natural wear and tear that occurs over time. This creates a textured and rustic look with visible knots, grain variations, and other imperfections.

distressed bamboo flooring
distressed bamboo flooring