hardwood flooring

Hardwood Flooring - Cumaru

Item No.BB-HF-1207
Latin nameDipteryx spp
Size910 x 125 x 18 mm
Density1.07 - 1.11 g / cm3

Cumaru is a large tree, wood is shiny, texture staggered, slightly even; fine structure, no cracking, small deformation, large and beautiful patterns, wood grain is very clear and pleasing, light red-brown heartwood, decay and strong, middle drying rate; no special smell and taste. Cumaru is hard materials, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, termite resistant, beautiful texture, more uniform, high strength.

Cumaru flooring texture seems like dragon phoenix, dragon and phoenix are the symbol for King and Queen in Chinese culture. Installed with Cumaru flooring in your house, it likes you walk on a painting with Chinese classical culture. Cumaru flooring has high hardness, good wear resistance. Cumaru flooring is a cost-effective floor. Colors and patterns are relatively simple, can be decorated with a minimalist style.

cumaru flooring
cumaru flooring
cumaru flooring