Hardwood Flooring - Iroko

Item No.BB-HF-1204
SpecieIroko or Okan
Latin nameCylicodiscus spp
Size910 x 122 x 18 mm
Densityover 1.00 g / cm3

Heartwood is golden brown and reddish-brown color with ribbon stripes and has the obvious difference between sapwood. Iroko is hard, very heavy, uniform structure, high strength. Iroko is shiny, usually no special smell and taste; texture staggered, the structure is thin and uniform; wood is very heavy, high strength, good wear resistance. Ashanti plateau rainforest climate variability, mostly in the equatorial average temperature above 40°C, precipitation differences are significant. Geographical environment and climatic characteristics makes the Okan unique beauty and texture, dark ribbon stripes, glossy, and clear sapwood distinction. Okan was brown or dark brown after drying, hard material, slightly oily, very good stability, good natural decay resistance.

Okan flooring has a rich and detailed look faint stripes, revealed in the calm vigor and vitality. It reflects the charm and quiet shed splendid tasting thin. Its natural quality attracts the attention of many consumers. Iroko flooring does not swear or shrink, no cracking, no deformation of the stability. Logs collected from the African forests, rare and precious, gold and brown color, so the room looked magnificent but expensive mysterious.

iroko flooring
iroko flooring
iroko flooring