hardwood flooring

Hardwood Flooring - Taun

Item No.BB-HF-1206
Latin namePometia spp
Size910 x 123 x 18 mm
Density0.60 - 0.72 g / cm3

Trees up to 45 meters, 0.6-0.9 m diameter, pink for heartwood, sometimes purplish; straight and slightly staggered texture, but also wavy texture, fine structure. Taun heartwood is reddish-brown or purple brown, sapwood is light red-brown, usually obvious difference between heartwood and sapwood, a little obvious growth ring. Taun has a golden sheen, no special smell, clear texture, good stability, wear resistant, termite resistant. Taun is the world's best-known precious species. A little heavy and hard. Medium strength, difficult to crack.

Taun flooring is cost-effective flooring. Its stability is similar as merbau. The biggest feature is its high hardness and good temperature flexibility. Taun flooring is suitable for economy renovation and decoration.

taun flooring
taun flooring
taun flooring