hardwood flooring

Hardwood Flooring - White Oak

Item No.BB-HF-1201
SpecieWhite Oak
Latin nameQuercus spp
Size910 x 125 x 18 mm
Density0.74 - 0.76 g / cm3

Oak is heavy, hard, growing slowly, rough grain. The color is white or yellow-white. Oak is light color, fine texture and elegant appearance. Oak has the advantages of high mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance. As oak grow up in the drought and cold environment, it has very high stability and density. Oak is one of the most stable wood and it is better than other wood in warping and cracking performance.

Oak flooring generally retains the natural color and it is natural and fresh like sunshine. On the surface, smooth lines can be found in natural oak, with natural beauty, so the floor has a natural charm. This coincides with the pursuit of freedom and back to nature. In the U.S., oak flooring is the best synonym for the floor, because the light-colored oak floor texture is very fine, matching the people who are looking for the natural quality life.

oak flooring
oak flooring