Hardwood Flooring - Ash

Item No.BB-HF-1205
Latin nameF.pennsylvanica,Marsh
Size910 x 125 x 18 mm
Density0.60 - 0.72 g / cm3

Ash is no special smell and taste; straight texture, rough fiber, uneven. Heavy and hard material, ash wood appearance is similar to the European Huai, tough and elastic, pale white sapwood, heartwood varies from light brown to dark brown. Obvious rough grain. The strength, flexibility, impact toughness, hardness are good in the same light wood species, especially the impact toughness is excellent.

Ash has a large area of beautiful, assertive pattern, Russia exudes an innate romantic, Ash flooring is clear texture, vivid color, inherent wonderful patterns under the refraction of light, have encountered from all angles to appreciate the wonderful natural abstract art depicting. Especially with the large area installation, gorgeous ash level of non-wood flooring cannot match the other wood species, such as the Russian beauty sometimes wave-like hair, and if sometimes tempting lingering between lovers, view of it is mind waves. Even in winter, it will not feel cold. Ash flooring is elegant color, mainly white and pale creamy pink. So it is suitable for pastoral decor and modern minimalist style of decoration. Currently light color flooring is the trends, specially in the group of young people.

ash flooring
ash flooring
ash flooring