bamboo veneer series
Item No.BB - V25
ProductWoven Bamboo Veneer
StructureHorizontal or Vertical
ColorNatural or Caramel
Size2480 x 1230 x 0.6 mm
BackingCellouse Fleece Paper

For woven bamboo veneer, we have a fixed size in our long time production experience and we do believe this size is very flexible for the unique designs and decoration.

Woven Bamboo veneer is an individual designed product for the clients, we are cutting the regular bamboo veneer into short width ( 30mm ), then weaving them together into different kinds of designs. The square can be 30 x 30mm or 30 x 60mm.

We have 2 standard designs for woven - "s" and "+". In "s", it can be natural, caramel and both, that means 6 options for S design.

For "+", it also can be natural, caramel and both, that is another 6 options.

Woven bamboo veneer can be both horizontal and vertical, but in the market, we can feel vertical is popular than horizontal, also more beautiful. Bamboo veneers are suitable for any interior application such as wall, ceiling, furniture covering, furniture production etc.

Woven Bamboo Veneer Used: Furniture covering, Ceiling, Wall decoration


woven bamboo veneer
woven bamboo veneer
woven bamboo veneer
woven bamboo veneer