bamboo panel series
Item No.BB - BC - 40ST
ProductBamboo Panel
StructureStrand Woven
ColorNatural, Caramel
Layers1 Layer
Size2440 x 600 x 40mm
40mm bamboo panel
40mm bamboo panel

Strand woven bamboo panel in 40mm is 1 layer, 100% strand woven, no vertical core. The density of strand woven is so high - 1000kg/m3, so we recommend to take 2440x600x40mm, otherwise the board is too heavy to carry. This thickness is very suitable for making kitchen countertop, worktops, super strong! The carbonized color is recommended.

Carbonized color has a darker color tone, steamedd in the pot for 15 minutes to change from natural to carbonized, it is also called caramel color.

Bamboo panel is made from 100 percent rapidly renewable bamboo, using adhesives that are both strong and emissions free. Bamboo panel consists of multiple layers of bamboo, where the middle layer can be either horizontal or vertical grain. These bamboo panel are especially interesting in those applications where the side of panel remains visible, like steps of a staircase and kitchen work tops.

Strand woven bamboo plywood is produced from bamboo fibers that are shredded, then woven together tightly. This mass of bamboo fibers is subjected to extreme pressure and heat, causing the natural sugars within the bamboo to polymerize and form a solid block. The block is then sliced into sheets of plywood. The process not only utilizes the entirety of the bamboo stalk, reducing waste, but also results in a material that is significantly harder and denser than traditional bamboo products.

Bamboo panels have been used in Europe for decades as a finishing materials for high end, eco-conscious homes in cabinetry, furniture and millwork. The tight, linear grain of bamboo panels make for a very sleek and contemporary finishing material and the edge grain of multi layers bamboo panels gives a unique look that cannot be achieved with regular wood veneered products. The possibilities are endless for design with bamboo panels. It can be used for furniture, cabinets, countertops, shelves, and much much more.