bamboo veneer series
Item No.BB - V25
ProductBamboo Veneer
StructureStrand Woven
ColorCaramel or Carbonized
Size1860 x 138 x 0.6 mm
Size1860 x 410 x 0.6 mm
BackingCellouse Fleece Paper

Strand woven bamboo veneer is a unique veneer type, it is not regular bamboo veneer, like horizontal or vertical, but strand. We produce strand woven bamboo veneer in carbonized color and several other colors. The colors are not stained on surface, but deep inside of bamboo strips, from surface to inside.

We sliced strand woven bamboo block into 0.6mm and due to the special characteristic of strand woven bamboo, we can't make it in 2500 x 1250mm, only with 1860mm length and 138mm, 410mm width.

Carbonized color has a darker color tone, steamedd in the pot for 15 minutes to change from natural to carbonized, it is also called caramel color.

Bamboo veneer is more difficult to produce than conventional solid wood veneers, due in part to the number of glue joints that reduce yield. Bamboo veneer is backed with either a paper or fabric fleece material to give the product more stability and strength.

Strand woven bamboo veneer is for some projects which must have strand woven application.

strand woven bamboo veneer
strand woven bamboo veneer
strand woven bamboo veneer
strand woven bamboo veneer