Item No.BB - BC - 19SC
ProductBamboo Plywood
ColorHavana Bamboo
Layers3 layers, vertical core
Size4' x 8' x 3/4"

Havana bamboo plywood is a kind of darker strand bamboo panel. It is different than standard carbonized of strand bamboo panel on the color. We carbonize the bamboo strips twice to make the color darker. So, Havana bamboo is also called Twice Wet Carbonization. Havana bamboo is unique on color and it looks very beautiful after coating.

The manufacturing process is we carbonize bamboo strips twice then press them into a big woven block, slice block into think panel to laminate with vertical bamboo to make the bamboo plywood. The key on this bamboo is the twice carbonizing.

Bamboo plywood is made of fine layers of bamboo strips laying in parallel order. The strips are kiln dried, sanded smooth and then laminated edge to edge to create a single-ply panel. These panels are then laminated again to each other to create a multi-ply bamboo plywood with free formaldehyde emission. The multi layers are cross-laminated and heat pressed together to provide stability and to prevent warping. 3-4 times more dimensionally stable then Oak. Bamboo plywood comes in 4'x8' unfinished sheets.

Bamboo plywood is especially interesting in those applications where the side of plywood remains visible, like steps of a staircase and kitchen work tops.

All of our bamboo plywood comes unfinished in both a natural (light tone) and a carbonized (amber tone) and is laminated to produce two different surface grains, vertical (edge grain) and horizontal (flat grain). The vertical grain appears as 1/4" strips and the horizontal grain appears as 3/4" strips on the surface of the bamboo plywood.

Bamboo plywood can be cut and sanded using conventional woodworking equipment. It can also be glued or mechanically fastened using the same materials and fasteners commonly used with wood. Bamboo is a low resin, open grained material that takes stains and finishes exceptionally well.

havana bamboo
havana bamboo