Item No.BB - V05 / V13
ProductBamboo Veneer
StructureHorizontal or Flat Pressed
Size2500 x 430 x 0.6 mm
Size2500 x 1250 x 0.6 mm
BackingCellouse Fleece Paper

Horizontal is flat pressed in one direction. It features a traditional, distinctive "knuckle" characteristic that repeats through the plank.

Natural color can be characterized to produce very light toned color stains, giving the bamboo flooring its inherited natural and earthy look of botanical bamboo.

Bamboo veneer is manufactured from bamboo blocks laminated with water-proof adhesive and kiln-dried bamboo strips. The bamboo blocks are first laminated, then conditioned and soaked for two weeks before being sliced into veneer sheets.

Bamboo veneer is more difficult to produce than conventional solid wood veneers, due in part to the number of glue joints that reduce yield. Bamboo veneer is backed with either a paper or fabric fleece material to give the product more stability and strength.

bamboo veneer
bamboo veneer
bamboo veneer