bamboo flooring

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is a grass. Bamboo floor is an eco-friendly and environmental flooring. Bamboo floor brings you a new idea to make real green choice.

Bamboo floor has a very wide varieties, including solid, engineered, strand woven, click, click strand, heating, decking, industrial and flooring accessories.

Bamboo Flooring Color

Bamboo floors have natural, carbonized and tiger color, also can be stained in various colors, like maple, teak, red oak, mohagny etc.

Bamboo Flooring Structure or Grain

Bamboo flooring has horizontal or flat pressed, vertical side pressed and strand woven. Strand woven has higher density than horizontal or vertical.

​Bamboo Flooring Features​

Eco friendly, beautiful flooring

Bamboo flooring is extremely hard, durable and dent-resistant, bamboo flooring is healthy and eco-friendly. Bamboo floor has an appealing and unique look, capturing the natural beauty of bamboo.

Bamboo is a grass, not hardwood

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant. Bamboo is actually considered a grass because bamboo can be re-harvested every 3-5 years. Bamboo is green, strong and elegant. Bamboo is subtle material for flooring, veneer, plywood.

Easy to buy, nice for home

Bamboo floors are an environmentally flooring for home, hotel and store. Bamboo flooring is becoming a popular choice for all kinds of customers who realize its benefits. Bamboo grows mainly in China but can be easily purchased in North America and Europe.

High density, healthy

Bamboo floor has high density and low formaldehyde emission. Density of bamboo floors is 750 kg/m3 and formaldehyde emission of bamboo flooring is only 0.015 mg/m3.

Bamboo Flooring Introduction

Bamboo flooring is through an amazing manufacturing process from raw bamboo trees to bamboo floor. It changes people's bamboo knowledge completely. Harvesting bamboo stalks, cutting, slicing into bamboo strips, boiling and carbonizing to remove sugar, drying, pressing strips into flooring plank, milling and finishing.

Bamboo is very versatile for producing different grain and color options bamboo floors. This versatility is better than any hardwoods which is always with a fixed dimension. Prefinished bamboo floors with tongue and groove keep costs much down and simple installation. Durability of bamboo floors is equal to or even higher than most of hardwood species, 25% harder than oak or maple.

Bamboo floor is a beautiful and exotic alternative floors for hardwoods. Bamboo floors are the best choice for environmentally and healthy flooring in the world because of its raw material - bamboo which is regarded as a grass, not a wood. Bamboo floor is developed over 20 years and it has been a very mature product, very stable and consistent quality flooring. Bamboo floors are widely popular over the countries, from western world to developing countries.

Author: Graham Baird
Content: Hi We are distributors of timber floors in Australia, we import from two suppliers in China, solid click strand woven bamboo, can you submit your product range and pricing for strand woven 1800-1900x 14mm x 90-96mm. Look Forward hearing from you.
Author: Damien Patton
Content: Good Morning, We are a large importer of bamboo flooring into the Western USA. Every month we get 10 to 12 containers from China. We are looking to expand our markets in the USA and need more bamboo flooring suppliers. Can you please send me a full list of your products and the price. Our plans are to be back in China in 30 days to meet with our current suppliers and new partners. We look forward to hearing from you.
Author: Lena
Content: Dear Sir / Mdm, Please quote your best price for the bamboo flooring T & G The Detail Below : Soild Bamboo Flooring T & G Sizes : Thk20mm X 105mm or 125mm X L6Ft. ( Note : if you don't have our sizes we can follow your sizes ) Total Qty : 70,000Ft. ( but now we want do 1 unit sample house so try 700Ft. First ) Price : C.I.F Singapore
Author: Brian Geddis
Content: I am a supplier, architect and builder here in Oregon, U.S. I am looking for a manufacturer to fill an order for 85,000 square feet of natural or coffee colored strand woven bamboo flooring. Please forward a price and delivery options for Vancouver, B.C. I will also require samples. Please provide a price breakdown of this order shipped to Vancouver, B.C. I am thinking that this shipment should require 5-7 20ft. containers. Please confirm all of the particulars, including specifications on the bamboo.
Author: Peter Stevenson
Content: Dear Mr He, We are interested in your range of horizontal natural bamboo flooring products. We would be looking initially at a supply order of approx 1200sqm per month or approximately a container-load. This could grow as high as five or 6 container loads per month. Please send us details of your product specifications (thickness, widths lengths, moisture content, profiles, colours etc), any installation instructions and Free On Board price terms for shipment. Could you also indicate which would be the nearest port for loading for shipment to any of the coastal ports in Australia. My company would arrange shipment to Australia. In particular could you outline the ecological properties of the glues and surface finishes that are used in your product eg; an MSDS. My company focuses on promoting environmentally friendly flooring, so we are interested to know the constituent properties of your product. Also I would be wishing to discuss the terms for an exclusive contract for my company to be the sole distributor in the Australian market under our brand name. My hope is that this is the foundation of a long-term and mutually collaborative partnership. We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Author: Brian McLaughlin
Content: Hi, I've just seen your website and really love your natural strand woven bamboo flooring. I have only seen one other place who sells this type of bamboo. Can you sell to the UK? I live right next to Gatwick Airport (30 miles south of London). How much is your carbonised woven bamboo and how much would it costt to transport 34 square metres to the UK. Many thanks
Author: Tatyana Avanesova
Content: Dear sirs, Our company Territory-L, is engaged in construction of apartment complexes. We are now using various materials for floor covering, and we are considering adding 100% moso bamboo floor. The representative of our company will be in your country from 15.06 till 30.06. We would like to include in the schedule of its trip to visiting your factory for information to become a supplier for our company. Please send more detailed information on your products, including prices and specifications.
Author: Tsao Shingang
Content: Dear Sirs, From Domotex fair in Shanghai, we are glad to know you are one of main producers. Now we have the following inquiry: Strand Woven Bamboo Decking 1x20'FCL Colour: carbonized Finished:oiled Dimension: 1860x140x20mm. CIF Sea Hamburg Delivery time? Payment Term? (we can pay you in USD or RMB). Please metion your quantity & packaging details including box(or carton) , pallets etc. Thanks and Best Regards
Author: Mrs Ljiljana Bogdanovic
Content: Dear Sirs or Madam, We are firm from Rijeka-Croatia-Europe which sells and builds in parquet floor. We are interested in buying your products: solid bamboo flooring size:960x96x15mm, structure:vertical and horizontal, color:natural or carbonized, prefinished: matte or gloss, accessories:wall base. 1/20' container with pallet. We would like to receive the information about the: -price (m2) FOB Shanghai -delivery time -payment. Your faithfully,
Author: Aaron Sekora
Content: Dear In a couple months I will place an order through a store a friend of mine manages for 5,000 sqft. He can get wholesale prices on wood laminate flooring at $0.36/sqft. and sell it to me at $0.50/sqft. But I really want bamboo. Your price is the best I've seen so far. Unless I find a building supply auction, (the prices can be under $1/sqft.) I will definately choose your product. Could you please send me a sample of the dark stained horizontal bamboo flooring? (the darkest stain you have). Also, is there any bamboo flooring option you offer that's under $1/sqft? I know this next question is perhaps not realistic, but can the bamboo veneer be used as flooring? Maybe glued down over an existing floor? What is the price on that? Thank you for your time, and I am excited to find such a great deal! I look forward to seeing your sample. Is it snap-together or does it require glued joints?
Author: Francine Ferrari Gautier
Content: Dear Tony, How are you? I hope everything is fine. Visiting China: I am planning a visit to your country. I will be in Guanghzou for the 2 fases of Canton Fair. After that, we will be going to visit you. Can you help me to find the best way to go to your factory? Between these 2 fases (April 20th - 25th), I´ll have 5 free days and after the fair (april 30th), I will fly to Shangai or Hangzhou and I will leave the country from Shangai. How to get to your factory, by car or train? Hotels? From where? I will have a person with me which speak chinese very well. Do you think you can help me to find the best way to get there? I am not familiar with China map. Can you give me your factory detailed address? Do I have to make an appointment with you or I can just appear at your factory? I am asking you because I do not have my schedule formed yet. Question: I have one more question left, does your company give a certificate of treatment of the bamboo floor against curses, mushrooms, bugs, etc... for the embarkation? Product: I did a market research and I found out that the unfinished vertical carbonized bamboo flooring one will be very acceptable. Enclose you can see the one we have here that is very popular and marketable. Is is wood with amendola tone. I put the vertical/carbonized one next to it. Do you think you can get next to its color? If you do, we can beat the market here. I hope to hear from you soon.
Author: Eileen Werner
Content: We are bidding on a job and we will need 100,000 square feet of engineered bamboo flooring vertical natural. I need a price per sq. ft. (including shipping & handling), availability and length of time for delivery.
Author: Samuel Zaoui
Content: Hi Tony, I just reviewed your website. I am very pleased with the quality, they are beautiful. Could you give me a quote for the regular Horizontal Coffee Bamboo Flooring JB- 1011 for 68 boxes ( about 1620sqf) and 20 pieces of stair nose. I calculated the number of boxes based on the information I have for the 960 x 96 x 15mm size, but I would prefer the longer version 1860 x 96 x 15mm for that size i am not sure how many boxes it is. Thank you and looking forward to do business with you.
Author: Martin Gutierrez
Content: I would like to ask of you that you tell me the characteristics of each type of bamboo, what type of maintenance should be given to the bamboo floor, all the colors you have available (if you have more colors that the ones you sent me), and all the data you can send me, to have all the sale arguments. I also wanted to ask if you had any bamboo flooring for exteriors, that were not ruined by rain and weather in general. Please tell me the cost of sending a 20" container to McAllen, Texas, USA, since I will use this city as my entrance port to Mexico. By the way, is it possible to put several varieties of bamboo flooring in the first container? Best regards
Author: Serjan
Content: Hello, We are importer of woods products (mainly teak garden furniture from indonesia) and as there is also a market for high quality bamboo flooring in switzerland. Please could you send us details about prices and packing and conditions. Thank you in advance. Best Regards.
Author: Farlan Iriks
Content: We are looking for a new supplier for importing a 40 foot container of various indoor bamboo floorboards. At this point in time we would like a price on the following compressed bamboo floor boards and a sample sent to us of each one. We require: - 900 sq. m of Horizontal, compressed, lacquered bamboo - approximately 1800 x 96 x 18 in size ?coffee in colour - 900 sq. m of Horizontal, compressed, lacquered bamboo - approximately 1800 x 96 x 18 in size ?natural in colour - 900 sq. m of Horizontal, compressed, lacquered bamboo - approximately 1800 x 96 x 18 in size ?blonde in colour. And in wider boards: - 900 sq. m of Horizontal, compressed, lacquered bamboo - approximately 1800 x 120 x 18 in size ?coffee in colour - 900 sq. m of Horizontal, compressed, lacquered bamboo - approximately 1800 x 120 x 18 in size ?natural in colour - 900 sq. m of Horizontal, compressed, lacquered bamboo - approximately 1800 x 120 x 18 in size ?blonde in colour. If you are able to meet this order or even come close with a product that is very similar, then we look forward to hearing from you. If you are unable to meet this order, if you could forward the details of another company who would be able to, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Kind Regards.
Author: Ms. Alexandra
Content: Dear Sirs, I'm working for the "STROYPLAST" wholesale company from Russia. Our company deals with sanitary ware, construction and building materials. Every month we import and distribute in Russia over 200HQ containers. At present we are looking for a reliable supplier of Horisontal bamboo flooring parquet. Thickness: 12mm and 15mm. Finishing: Glossy and Matt. We can buy Bamboo Flooring with very large qty every month. If you can supply it, pls contact me with the detailed specification and Best Price offer. Thanks for cooperation.
Author: Kristin Mayle
Content: Dear Sir, I am interested in receiving a sampling of your bamboo flooring board. If it would be at all possible to have it sent here as soon as possible that would be great. We are currently working on a Marriott in Kehang China. Please let me know if this is at all possible. Thanks very much.
Author: Ann Hsueh
Content: Dear Sir, Please quote your best FOB price to the below item with the quantity by a full 20' container. 915 x 96 x 10mm both of Strand Woven Natural & Strand Woven Carbonized. 1830 x 96 x 12mm both of Strand Woven Natural & Strand Woven Car1830 x 96 x 14mm both of Strand Woven Natural & Strand Woven Carbonizedbonized. Your quick reply be with a good helpful us the business in advance. Thank you.
Author: Yosef
Content: Dear Sir, we are a furniture and lamps producer located in Vietnam. We make bamboo product only. We are pressing bamboo our self the bamboo from Vietnam but we need extra qqt. Could you quote us price for full 20 feet container of bamboo flooring board (In Vietnam Price is always calculated per cubic meter) We usually manufacture 10 mm to 13 mm thickness. We can accept many sizes of plates. The bigger the better. Waiting for quotation.
Author: João Lima
Content: Hello, We are interest in Bamboo Flooring. We already buy in a chinese factory, but the price is to high. I want to know your price for the solid bamboo flooring (15mm, 10mm, 5mm), the engineered flooring for bamboo and other woods (10mm, 7mm, 5mm), and the Bamboo Sliced Veneer. We usualy buy a Container 20'' per month. Please send us your best price.
Author: Benyamin Cohen
Content: HELLO Sorry but competition is really hard and then good news we thus repurchase large stores in France and volume will grow in the years also I ask you to make me an exceptional effort for the price. I want to lower my claims. Do not worry you the Moroccan market as any emergent country is full growth and you will catch up with the quantity, so about this special ref? **Size 805*125*8.3mm , ac1(33 g) ,v-groove ,white /green core ,double click; 805*125*8.3mm , ac2(38 g) ,v-groove ,white /green core ,double click; 805*125*8.3mm , ac3(45 g) ,v-groove ,white /green core ,double click; 805*125*8.3mm , ac4(62 g) ,v-groove ,white /green core ,double click. I have need article of which I would like to have your best prices will know than Morocco becomes a country consomator with his 40 milions inhabitants for you prove my motivation and my good faith I am pret has to pour until A 35% in prepayement of continuation but made me your best price.
Author: Tayyab Choudry
Content: Dear Sir/ Madam, We are one of the leading importers of strand bamboo flooring products in the UK. We are looking for a good business relationship directly with the manufacturers of the subject mentioned products. If your company is involved in manufacturing of bamboo products please send us your best prices for these products so that we can start doing some business with your company. Thank you.
Author: Mohammad Shokr
Content: Dear Sir, During the Big5 construction exhibition in Dubai We became familiar with Bamboo Flooring and Panel and etc, then I searched for Bamboo Products in the web and find your company. This material is new in Iranian market and we don’t know if you have any approach for your products in Iranian market or not or even if you have any agent in Iran. We are interested to work in this field and we need to have more information from your side. We would like to ask for your complete catalogs, samples of your products and any information that could be helpful for our approach in Iranian market. We are producer of Polyurethane products like coating,flooring, membranes, spray PU foam for insulation etc. We would like to add this new type of floorings and panels to our products. Hope to hear from you soon.
Author: Alex San Miguel
Content: I have just found your web page searching for a industrial parquet in Bamboo. I am wondering if you have any representative in Spain (Barcelona) to contact. I am constructing a house and I would like to use about 200sqm of this material. Also I would like to know if you can provide me a picture of both floorings (Natural and Carbonised) once they are glued and varnished...Regards
Author: Sandra Nazarian
Content: HELLO, We run a flooring company in Grenoble, france, French alpes, and we found yours products very attrative. We think we have a good potential market here and would be interested in having some more details about prices, delivery, how to get samples from click bamboo, the way you work out your sales in Europe, etc... Please feel free to send us whatever you think can be good to know in the very beginning. Best regards
Author: Alessandro Croce
Content: HI, thank you for your fast response, but after information like: prices, wood-season, chimical wood treatment, transport (20ft container m2), Bamboo flooring guarantee and your certificate to confirm European Union standard law. I want to say to fastly our negotiation that now, We are, already, operating with 2 differentsuppliers, one in Singapore and one in Vietnam, since 2004. Normally, we buy 1-5 20ft container in a month horizontal natural solid bamboo flooring 960x96x15mm about 8,5$/m2; vertical similar size about 9$/m2. But, we need to choose better solution because the italian market will be expanse in the next future And YOUR PRICES ARE TOO HIGH like 80% more than your competitors Waiting your response Kind Regards
Author: Unni
Content: We are interested in buying 300 sq meters of bamboo flooring vertical natural to do a sample job. Kindly let us know if you will be able to give us details and also the prices. Quantity requirement wil be decided only later after approval. Please reply immediately.
Author: Chris Chow
Content: Dear Tony, We're one of client a biggest wholesaler in USA , currently they are selling the Bamboo flooring (strand woven bamboo flooring natural) with the expanding of business they are looking for more vendors who can support them with large quantity and stable for the supply. Here are the request as following with upgrade spec that request: -1. Width 3-3/4" 2. Thickness 15mm 3. Minimum of 30,000 cycles on the taber abrasion test 4. Need name of top coat and how many layers 5. Can meets or exceeds the ASTM E1333 standard for formaldehyde 6. All products also tested under the ASTM D 1037 & 1037 modified 7. Minimum 25 year warranty. Please help us to found out the following questions, we needing to be answered for our client, 1. The manufacturer is a member of the US Green building council 2. Do they have LEED certification, 3. What type of bamboo 4. What is the harvest age 5. What type of press and milling machines they use and how the product is stored after manufacture. We need to answer back to client tomorrow, and sent us your samples and good price, please reply us point by point in above ASAP. Thank you for your kind attention.