bamboo flooring technical data

Bamboo Flooring Warranty

Lifetime Structural Warranty

BothBest warrants that they will replace, less the recommended five per cent allowance for installation waste, any planks with defective bonding, at no cost to you, the original end-consumer, as long as you own your home. BothBest is not responsible for accidental moisture problems such as dishwasher, toilet, and bathtub overflows. You, the original end-consumer, are protected from separation within the laminated boards.

25 / 10-Year Pre-Finish Warranty

BothBest warrants that the aluminum oxide pre-finish on the bamboo flooring will not wear through for 25 years from the date of purchase in residential applications and 10 years in commercial applications, subject to the provisions in this document. Moldings are not covered. Our installation and maintenance instructions must be followed as a condition for this warranty to have effect.

This warranty excludes any indentations, scratches, or damage caused by lack of proper maintenance, misuse, excessive heat or excessive dryness, negligence, spiked heel shoes, pets, insects, water, moisture, erosion, pebbles, sand, other abrasives, insufficient protection on furniture, wet mopping, or failure to follow all the written maintenance instructions.

The vendor cannot be held responsible for damage to newly installed floors by other trades or by the consumer or conditions beyond BothBest control. Protect floors when moving furniture or when equipment or appliances are left standing on newly installed floors.

Natural floors, due to their nature, are subject to seasonal contraction and expansion. It is the customer's responsibility to provide and maintain necessary humidity levels.

A minimum temperature of 70° F (21° C) should be maintained prior to, during, and 48 hours after installation. Sub-floor must be dry and within four per cent of the moisture content of the bamboo flooring. All resilient floors are subject to indentations by furniture and other objects (e.g. women's stiletto heels that have too small a bearing surface). Owners are advised to protect new floors with suitable furniture rests.

In areas where bamboo flooring is to be installed, the sub-floors must be smooth, level, clean, free of contaminates, and dry. You shall be responsible for the performance of the sub-floor.

These warranties are applicable to the original end-consumer only and are non-transferable.

This Warranty does not cover damage or defects resulting from or in any way attributable to:

1. Improper storage, handling or installation of the Flooring (including improper installation of joists and sub-flooring or improper surface preparation);

2. Abuse, lack of maintenance, neglect, abnormal use or misuse, negligence, application of solvents, corrosives or other chemicals to the Flooring, color change, fading or damage due to exposure to the sun, excessive pivot and point-loads, spike-heeled shoes, unpadded furniture feet, water, damage from sand, pebbles or other abrasives, or other unintended uses;

3. Insect infestation after shipment from point of origin;

4. Stains and finishes;

5. Improper alterations of original manufactured product;

6. Moisture problems (including sub-floor moisture, leaks, rain, wet mopping, etc.) or excessive dryness or heat.

7. Settlement or movement of the structure to which the Flooring is attached;

8. Variations in color, grain and markings that exist in the Flooring when new (such variation in bamboo is a natural consequence of varying exposure to sunlight or UV light;

9. Installation over radiant floor heating;

10. Installation of bamboo flooring over visible defect.

This document is the complete and exclusive statement of BothBest warranty, and is in lieu of all other expressed and/or statutory warranties. BothBest assumes no liability for incidental or consequential damages. The sole remedy provided herein is the repair, refinish, or replacement of defective products, or refund for defective products.

Use of any other than recommended maintenance products or improper cleaning methods or equipment may void Manufacturer's/Vendor's warranties.

Other exclusions may apply in particular cases and should be noted if applicable.