Bamboo sofa is very cool and untraditional design. This is not produced with folded bamboo poles, but pure strand woven bamboo, very fantastic and unique sofa, you won't find it in other places. Bamboo sofa can be compared with any other hardwood sofa, even Mahogany. Bamboo sofa is stained to be dark color or we can leave original bamboo color for you.

Bamboo sofa has single seat, 2 seats and 3 seats. A beautiful bamboo table can be joined with sofa to make a set of luxury bamboo seating, you will feel very relaxing when seating on our bamboo sofa.


- 1) Made with premium strand woven bamboo, high density, durable

- 2) Custom designs to match with your house style or flooring matching

- 3) Prefinished and well-treated with environmentally finishing

bamboo sofa

Bamboo Furniture - Love Seat Sofa

Size: 890 x 1430 x 855 mm

Item No: FS - 001 / 2

bamboo sofa

Bamboo Furniture - 3 Seats Sofa

Size: 890 x 2050 x 855 mm

Item No: FS - 001 / 3

bamboo soft

Bamboo Furniture - Single Sofa

Size: 890 x 940 x 855 mm

Item No: FS - 001 / 1