bamboo product catalogue

Bamboo furniture is the new product made of bamboo panel. In ancient China, people use bamboo pole to make the furniture, like bamboo chair, bamboo table and bamboo lounging chair. From 1995, some factories started to make bamboo flooring from bamboo, this new process completely changed the idea of bamboo products. Before, bamboo is a symbol of cheap and bad quality product. Now, bamboo is very high-level product and new fashion in the market. Bamboo flooring is getting popular 10 times after 20 years developing.

Bamboo furniture is not produced simply by few pieces of bamboo pole, but laminated bamboo panels, which has consistent high quality. No bending, splitting, cupping. We bring in modern designs to fit into the market, both domestic and aboard. In domestic market, people like traditional wood furniture, those furniture have some sculptures, complicated designs. In aboard market, people like simple but comfortable designs. In Ikea, you can see their furniture are pretty simple, but very beautiful.

Bamboo furniture features:

New design, beautiful

Bamboo, similar material as regular hardwood, is very flexible with designs, modern, ancient, simple or complicated.

Environmental and eco friendly furniture

Bamboo is a grass and can be harvested for production in 4-6 years. Hardwood takes 20-40 years.

Better quality than pvc or MDF furniture

Bamboo has a density of 650 kg / m3, so bamboo furniture is pretty strong, almost same weight as Mahogany furniture.

bamboo bed

Bamboo Bed

Size: 2080 x 1590 x 1025 mm

Item No: FB - 003

bamboo bed

Bamboo Bed

Size: 2190 x 1560 x 1115 mm

Item No: FB - 004

bamboo furniture

Bamboo Furniture - Chair

Size: 585 x 450 x 980 mm

Item No: FC - 007

bamboo furniture

Bamboo Furniture - Chair

Size: 520 x 460 x 920 mm

Item No: FC - 009

bamboo table

Bamboo Furniture - Dinner Table

Size: 770 x 1380 mm

Item No: FT - 003

bamboo table

Bamboo Furniture - Table

Size: 605 x 600 mm

Item No: FT - 002

bamboo sofa

Bamboo Furniture - Love Seat Sofa

Size: 890 x 1430 x 855 mm

Item No: FS - 001 / 2

bamboo sofa

Bamboo Furniture - 3 Seats Sofa

Size: 890 x 2050 x 855 mm

Item No: FS - 001 / 3