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Woven Bamboo Plywood

Woven bamboo plywood has an easy production process and we split bamboo into strips, which can be 3-20mm width of 0.3-1mm thickness, the out skin layer has natural green skin color and it's more durable than inner layer; the inner layer has yellowish color; all of them should get boiled to remove wax and sugar to avoid mildew and insect.

woven bamboo plywood

We weave natural and well-treated bamboo strips into bamboo mat with herringbone pattern in the machines. Woven bamboo plywood is strong and durable and produced in varying thickness, from 1mm to 8mm, width is 1220mm, length is from 2440mm up to 100m.

Woven bamboo plywood panel sheet are used for a wide range of purposes. They bring character and ambience to resorts and restaurants, shop fit-outs, special event structures and residential interiors. Most frequently bamboo mats panel used as wall or ceiling linings, they are also great for lamp shades, wardrobe door linings, bed head inserts, table tops, bar and cupboard inserts kitchen cabinets, doors & cupboard fronts furniture, screens & feature panels and other imaginative purposes. Backlit, bamboo panel sheets create soft warmth, but use as lining or paneling also produces a soft clean elegance especially in settings with a tropical or oriental theme.

woven bamboo plywood


The Woven Bamboo Plywood is light and fairly rigid so it is easy to apply to walls or ceilings.

The board can be rolled for shipping convenience.

The Woven Bamboo Plywood is easy to cut into various shapes. The edges do not fray.

Specification: 2440 x 1220 mm

Bamboo strip width: 3-20mm

Color: light honey

Weight: 3 kg per piece

Woven bamboo plywood is best used for interior applications such as wainscots trimmed off with a bamboo chair rail, door and ceiling coverings, cupboard and cabinet fronts, or as countertops set in clear resin.

woven bamboo plywood