Click Lock Solid Bamboo Flooring

Click bamboo flooring is a new trend in the bamboo market because it is an easy and quick installation flooring. Click bamboo flooring can be installed by DIY without professional skills and tools, just regular saw, also it is a glueless flooring as it can be installed by floating, no any glue involved at all. Click bamboo flooring can save a lot of labor cost as it is installed really fast.

Click bamboo flooring is a special profile and only available with engineered bamboo and strand woven bamboo, not with solid bamboo. Engineered bamboo is bamboo laminated with wood and wood is much easier to go through machines to make click profile because wood is soft. Strand woven bamboo is very strong and hard, so this bamboo also can have click profile. Solid bamboo is not as hard as strand woven, not as soft as wood. In the past, it never has click profile.

Solid bamboo flooring is always tongue and groove, no click. Now, Bothbest overcame the quality issues in the click production and released this new product to the market to let customers have more options to choose.

Click solid bamboo flooring is only available with horizontal structure, natural and carbonized color, or more stained colors, like red, grey etc. But click solid is not available with vertical structure because the click part will get split easily in vertical plank. We choose wide plank of solid bamboo in horizontal structure, wider is better for click.

Click solid bamboo flooring size: 1030 x 130 x 17mm

Color: natural or carbonized

Click solid bamboo flooring features:

1) Click profile

2) Glueless, DIY, Fast installation

3) Wide plank, available in many colors

click solid bamboo flooring
click solid bamboo flooring
click solid bamboo flooring