Bamboo Towel

Bamboo towel is woven of bamboo fiber, which is a natural fiber, extracted from green and forceful bamboo growing 3 or 4 years. As a high-tech product, bamboo fiber have a lot of inherent excellent features such as soft and smooth, antibacterial and deodorizing, absorbing moisture, and resisting ultraviolet ray. Thus bamboo fiber is crowned as "Fiber Queen", and bamboo towel as "Towel Queen".

As a true healthy eco-friendly product, also a new favorite of modern household articles, bamboo towel does not only have hi-tech content and high additional valve, but also suits the latest fashion trend. No wonder it is renowned as the most prospective green industry of 21st century. When compared with a cotton towel, a bamboo towel shows its inherent distinctive features.

1. A bamboo towel will not become hard, nor send out unfavorable smell after a long time use. It is always soft and smooth, hence a perfect substitute of a cotton towel. A cotton towel will become hard and smelly because cotton fiber is unable to kill bacteria and easily becomes their carrier.

2. A bamboo towel can kill acne and mites hiding in the user's skin. Bamboo can volatilize bamboo quinine, a natural bactericide. Bamboo fiber also carries on such an inherent function of sterilization, removing acnes and mites. So a bamboo towel can greatly improve the beauty and health. This is the most distinctive difference between a bamboo towel and a cotton one.

3. As bamboo fiber does not carry free electric charge, a bamboo towel can resist static electricity and relieve itching. In fact, concentration of anion in bamboo fiber is as high as 6000 anion /cubic centimeter, similar to the content of anion in the open field, so a bamboo towel can help the user refreshing and comfortable. Yet a cotton towel does not have this performance.

4. A bamboo towel can eliminate odor and other peculiar smell, as well as absorb such hazardous substances in air as formaldehyde, benzene, methylbenzene, hydrogen nitride. The reason is that bamboo fiber is porous which means there are various oval holes, small or big, in its section. This special structure determines its absorption. Besides, it can absorb and evaporate plenty of water very quickly. For water absorption, bamboo is 4 times of cotton. In a word, moisture absorption, moisture release and air permeability of bamboo fiber rank first in all of the textiles. The high hollow section makes bamboo towel called "breathable towel" by the experts.

Bamboo towel will bring benefit to all of its user with its eminent merits.

bamboo towel
bamboo towel