Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

Bamboo is a renewable resource that can be utilized like wood but is classified as a grass and is much stronger than hardwoods. Unlike typical trees, bamboo takes much less time to grow and this makes it environmentally friendly. There are hundreds of bamboo species that grow almost everywhere in the world. Bothbest harvests the larger bamboo species called "Moso" in an area where it grows and regenerates naturally.

Bamboo kitchen cabinets are new trend on kitchen cabinet market, beautiful, natural. Bamboo cabinets have become increasingly common as the wood is among the most popular building materials available. Bamboo is eco-friendly, sturdy and easy to maintain. Natural bamboo is the easiest and most affordable type of cabinet, and it will give your kitchen a more natural look.

Kitchen cabinets consist of various cabinets and major countertop. Bamboo kitchen cabinet is manufactured from bamboo plywood through cutting, milling, assembling and painting.

Bamboo plywood is very flexible material and can be cut into so many dimensions to fit the cabinet production. Bothbest offers bamboo cabinets in 3 colors - natural, caramel, chocolate, havana and 3 grains - horizontal, vertical and strand woven.

Natural color is original color of bamboo and brings you very pure clean kitchen, light color makes the kitchen look bigger and cleaner.

Caramel color is the carbonated fiber color after high-temperature and high-pressure treatment.

Chocolate color is extremely long carbonizing bamboo, pretty deep dark, after coating, it looks very beautiful and it matches your unique and outstanding taste.

Havana color is twice carbonization on bamboo and only suitable on strand woven grain as we make twice carbonizing process on bamboo to make this color a little darker, but not so dark as chocolate.

Bamboo cabinets can be one of the highlights of your home. Bamboo kitchen cabinets are attractive and you can get them in a variety of shades. Bamboo is durable so they will last for a long time, in spite of the fact that they come from a sustainable resource.

Features of Bamboo Cabinets:

1) Green material: Bamboo is a renewable material and is matured in 5-6 years.

2) Cost: Bamboo is a grass, cheaper than hardwood. Bamboo cabinets will reduce your budget.

3) Style: Available in all European styles.

bamboo kitchen cabinet
bamboo kitchen cabinet