Installation by Subfloor or Floating

Wood floors are natural wood through multi-channel processing procedures, so the wood floor has its own characteristics, and the wood fibers are single fibers arranged in one direction, in the preparation and processing of natural bending deformation occurs. Therefore, the use of well-shaped wooden keel laying, and with special flooring nails fixed on the solid wood flooring wood keel, the maximum to prevent the deformation of solid wood flooring. This is the solid wood floor left the impression, first hit the keel, and then fixed to the top of the keel wood flooring; laminate flooring is different, is the first concrete leveling the ground, covered with a layer after drying and other moisture-proof film laminate flooring will last tile directly above. So bamboo flooring is how to install it? Like solid wood flooring like laminate flooring installation or like that?

Subfloor installation advantages and disadvantages, there is no absolute good or bad, not across the board, from the consumer to see what point of view, and some like the keel of thick, some like tiling easy, of course, if it is in the shop warm above, it must be floating.

Advantages of subfloor installation:

First, isolate the impact of water vapor, gas and difficult to damp floor deformation bagging

Second, the floor in the keel with flying, foot feeling good, fully reflects the quality and taste of the floor

Third, flooring nails fixed in the keel, low coefficient of expansion and contraction

The disadvantage of subfloor installation:

First, the high cost, subfloor installation cost and labor cost

Second, the floor difficult to replace damaged demolition

Third, reduce the clear height of the room, there was a slight sense of oppression

Fourth, prone squeaky [looking flat ground, to unify the specifications of the subfloor]

Floating installation advantages:

First, the fast and easy installation, low labor costs

Second, the suspension for the installation of geothermal and underfloor heating requirements

Third, easy to replace

Floating installation disadvantages:

First, the ground should be smooth and dry, must be installed on the second floor above

Second, [foot feeling more rigid layer can pad mats treasure solved]

Third, there is moisture, the easy expansion and deformation

Strictly speaking, bamboo flooring and solid wood flooring are approximate, and are natural raw materials through processing, slotted tenon, coating paint process produced, the quality is the same, just different materials, wood is a natural raw wood saw disconnect sheet, bamboo is a natural bamboo felling reprocessing. Keel in order to suppress the deformation of the floor, tile is affordable.

Bamboo flooring are straight fiber alignment, easy to produce distortion, so do not use fixed keel floor to suppress natural deformation of the floor itself, it can play the keel to be tiled, currently on the market or in tile for the majority, after all, You can save a lot of manual setup fee, but there is no damage to the floor.

bamboo flooring installed by subfloor or floating