Crushed Bamboo Flooring and Solid Wood Flooring

Commenting on the new house decoration, floor covering material is a highlight of every day people walk on the floor of a direct impact on the daily mood at home, most people's first choice of solid wood flooring, because wood has decades of growth history, wood rings clearly visible, the density does not generally. With dwindling timber, there must be a new floor to replace it, except to be consistent with the quality of wood, have more delicate texture, foot feeling more thick, taste and more unique. Bamboo flooring factory continuous development and improvement, bamboo will be restructured epoch-making product - crushed bamboo flooring available.

When we begin to analyze the development prospects of a new product appears, we should start from the root cause, which is the background of these new business generated, the status quo, so let's analyze their entire trend. Today we are going to discuss is about the development prospects of crushed bamboo flooring, we first look at the value that appears premise bamboo flooring or reason. Since the state began to promote environmental protection, focusing on sustainable development, but due to lack of forest resources of our own country, but the need to use more than the amount of wood. then what should we do? In the past we can from neighboring countries, such as Thailand, India, Malaysia and other countries into the purchase of wood. However, due to the strong Indian Ocean tsunami occurred, so the global shortage of logs out of state. Most bamboo growth production accounted for one-third of the world's major powers, the use of bamboo, of course, it is imperative, in this case there have been crushed bamboo flooring.

But also through the test of time, like the effect of crushed bamboo flooring is not worse than solid wood. Further along, the people's love for bamboo unabated, as Tao Yuanming said, would rather eat no meat, can not live without bamboo. Then the bamboo is made by processing crushed bamboo flooring seems to have become a fact that people loved. So China began to enter the production of crushed bamboo flooring business is more and more, and some actually also made exports, exported to Germany, the United States, Australia and other countries, not only led to the country's overall economic level, but also in the cultivation of trees let us take a break, have room for maneuver. The reason why crushed bamboo flooring can be exported to other countries, or as long as bamboo flooring has its own strength, whether it is beautiful or quality are remarkable.

Appears strand woven bamboo flooring gives people a new article, despite the fact that crushed bamboo flooring is still in a lukewarm cold state, the main reason is because there is no wood bamboo floor texture, and the price is high off than stone, a very awkward position but through continuous market research. For the people liking the crushed bamboo flooring more rise, partly because of the high density of the overall crushed bamboo flooring has good wear resistance there is little color, very smooth. And because bamboo itself more grain diameter wood not so big, so even sunshine, sense of color is relatively uniform, plus a bamboo toughness, hardness, good stability, so long operational life. Not only that, as long as some of the advantages of wood, crushed bamboo flooring all have.

crushed bamboo flooring