Bamboo Flooring for Heating System Underfloor

Winter outdoors is cold and snow, indoor warm as in spring, which is a credit to warm geothermal, through continuous heating, heat will spread to every room, so winter is no longer cold. But users often north will choose what kind of floor as geothermal floor and painful, choose solid wood price is too high, can not afford such a high budget, choose a laminate would not work, achieving the desired effect, simply can not be used, I want to choose bamboo, but not sure. Today small will take you analyze why bamboo flooring can be used for geothermal underfloor heating.

The best geothermal heating floor with three conditions: first, you can not nail keel, nails installation; second, faster heat dissipation and uniform; third, long after the floor heating can not be deformed. Heat transfer through the floor to the ground surface, there must be heat loss, ideal floor can minimize these losses. So in order to reduce heat loss and reduce heating operation and maintenance expenses, as geothermal floor, it is best not to choose too wide or too long on the floor, the floor of the larger size, the greater the gap in the geothermal environment, conventional geothermal bamboo flooring size is 960 X96 X10MM, the thermal conductivity, thermal stability, etc. is the most standards-compliant.

Heating-system available bamboo flooring is crossed by the repression, under geothermal conditions, bamboo flooring than wood flooring, laminate flooring coefficient higher resistance to deformation, more solid. Surface geothermal bamboo flooring is bamboo veneer is 5MM composition floor six sides with high-quality imported wear resistant paint, low formaldehyde emission, surface than laminate flooring, wood flooring surface more resistant. The bamboo is a new environmentally friendly home improvement materials, renewable and strong, green.

Select the ground floor heating should "choose not vote thick thin." Thickness of not more than 8 mm, a maximum of 10 mm.

Geothermal bamboo floor during the installation process, no keel and flooring nails, reduce heat pipe installation damage coefficient.

Prior to flooring installation, geothermal systems respond to suppress the test, to prevent damage to the floor geothermal pipeline leak. Geothermal systems water temperature should not exceed 60 ℃, the initial geothermal heating, heating should be gentle, water temperature should be controlled at the time than the ambient temperature 10 ℃, and should not be higher than 32 ℃; and shall run continuously 48 hours; each subsequent 24 hours apart water temperature 3 ℃, until the design water temperature; the maximum direct contact with the floor surface temperature not higher than 42 ℃.

Under normal circumstances, select 2 mm ordinary plastic mats, both can play a buffer role in shock absorption, can also be a good moisture barrier, it will not affect heat conduction.

A suitable function, quality standards, the compliance of the installation the floor will reduce the number of post-consumer risks, after all geothermal system buried under the floor, if there is an error, maintenance and repair will be very passive, so you must have installed at the beginning of thoughtful, not runs the risk of poor quality of the floor can not choose, be sure to choose a reliable and secure big brands, like love bamboo house is on the market has been widely recognized by the export-oriented bamboo flooring factory is not to be missed.

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