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Really Ride Bamboo Bike

Bicycles are the most common Chinese people, the most commonly used means of transport, China is known as the kingdom of bicycles. Bamboo can be seen everywhere in southern China, a wide range of uses, China is known as the Kingdom of bamboo because bamboo species up to the highest level of utilization. There is such a product to put it on the two most common things closely linked together, is really great potential ah. Yes, bamboo bike was born this way, and really can ride, not simply decoration.

In 2004, a new technology in agriculture, forestry, bamboo Sliced large advent of bamboo applications open up a whole new era. Jo Jung-chi big decision to cooperate with the Agriculture and Forestry, the development of ultra-thin bamboo. This ultra-thin bamboo foreigners particularly like, stick with it furniture, flavor is unique in Europe and along the market place. With the increasing production of bamboo sheets, scrap if play secondary usage is urgent need to address the problem. Jo Jung-chi evacuated on the bubble in the workshop, all day pondering how to cut down bamboo scrap recycling were eventually came out in bits and pieces of bamboo a new way of getting money. From cutlery, cups, suitcase, to phone shell, U disk, eyeglass frames, watches, books, bamboo hand by Jo Jung-chi series of bamboo accessories, all flowing, fresh, elegant, chilly wind. Which is the highest gold content of the bamboo slips, the thickness of only 0.32 mm per (equivalent to 4 times a human hair), such as "The Art of War", each of the asking price 600 yuan. Years, Jo Jung-chi total to more than 270 kinds of bamboo items implanted genes. Now, he has more than 40 national patent appearance.

When it comes to making bamboo bikes inspiration, but also from shortly before the first Shanghai International Bicycle Show. Jo Jung-chi with his newly developed hollow bamboo, debut Shanghai International Bicycle Show, the industry caused a sensation. Jo Jung-chi developed bamboo, and used to burn natural bamboo rice is completely two concepts, but with many thin layers of bamboo bonding, nip, curly, close together, high technical difficulty, at present there are no similar such a high level of bamboo. Exhibition site, a manufacturer of bicycle companies in Jiangsu and Jo Jung-chi spot reached a cooperation agreement, designed to give them a tripod supporting the production of bicycles.

Bamboo bicycle, it is not wrapped with bamboo bike, but the real deal bamboo products. Bike two core parts tripod and wheel hub Polished molded in the hands of the designer Jo Jung-chi. My dream is that, in addition to gears, chains and screws, for 70% of the parts are made of bamboo, it is estimated will reduce the weight of 30% less than steel bike.

Bamboo is in short growth cycle, in line with the trend of low-carbon environment. More importantly, its light texture, but also good toughness and firmness, bamboo produce a new generation of bike, whether in technology, or the idea will be a major innovation.

Bamboo Bike