Points to Note Indoor Bamboo Flooring Maintenance

Indoor bamboo flooring using environmentally friendly renewable raw materials, carefully advanced processing equipment, while maintaining the characteristics of bamboo as a herb, but also as a user-friendly use and maintenance, but because of the special nature of bamboo (non-wood non-grass ), so that users in the use of bamboo flooring process still have to pay attention to the following questions.

Do not let blisters: When cleaning bamboo flooring, try to wring rag, do not allow water to flow under the floor from every floor in. After the bamboo flooring installed, then massage the surface layer of the floor with wax or oil, both on the maintenance of the floor, but also to fill gaps in the floor. If accidentally blisters, bubbles must be removed to replace the floor area of the new floor, otherwise the floor was soaked in water will swell and thus cause damage to other areas of the floor together.

Do not let hard objects, weapon damage to the floor: If the floor wax with a small scratch to fight friction arrangements, you can repair the scratches. Indoor bamboo flooring try not to go high-heeled shoes, shoes.

Do not let strong sunlight or corrosive items damaged floor: should avoid strong direct sunlight floor, sun exposure will gradually change the color of the floor and accelerate the aging of the film, do not let the corrosive substances erosion film.

Maintain proper air temperature: in winter should be possible to keep the indoor air humidity, moisture in the air under normal circumstances, 40% -60% is appropriate. In the hot, hot, rainy summer, you should always turn on the air dehumidifier to prevent damp floor, from the dark.

If not timely installation of new tenants stay, should always open the window ventilation, wiping the floor with a cloth wrung out in order to keep indoor air fresh and proper humidity.

Bamboo flooring is quite arrogant expensive, require proper maintenance. Otherwise, ranging from floor deformation, while shortening the life of the floor.

points bamboo flooring maintenance