Harwood Flooring Buying Guide

Solid hardwood flooring is a floor covering material with the process for hardwood log, like kiln dry, milling and coating. It has a real natural pattern, gentle texture, comfortable walk-feeling. Hardwood flooring is an ideal floor covering material for the bedroom, living room and study room. Hardwood decoration is back to nature with its nature texture, solid hardwood flooring is more valuable because of hardwood forest decreasing. Less forest makes price expensive. Consumer need be clear enough to decide the buying. Quality check, color, moisture content, hardwood species, milling are all important for hardwood flooring selection.

Here are a few tips before you buy the hardwood flooring.

  • Measure the moisture content

    Standard for hardwood flooring moisture content is 8% -13%. In fact, globe is so wide, different regions and countries have different moisture requirements. MC in northern globe is 10%, in southern globe, it is 14%.

  • Milling accuracy of hardwood flooring

    You can take out 10 pieces of hardwood flooring and assemble them manually to see the tongue and groove seams, the gap and the height and width tolerance.

  • Check the substrate defects

    You need check whether the hardwood flooring is the same species or mixed with other species, also checking if the flooring has a dead section, articulated, cracking, decay, bacteria and other defects.

    For the color variation, as hardwood flooring is a natural product, it will have some color variation or uneven color which is unavoidable. Due to its natural color and pattern, it could bring you the feeling of returning to natural after laying down hardwood flooring. And hardwood flooring can be adjusted in the installation to install some even color board together.

  • Board selecting and coating quality

    Coating is the key in selecting hardwood flooring because coating is the surface of hardwood flooring and you walk on the coating, instead of substrate. Good coating will extend the re-coating time. Hardwood flooring coating should not have bubbles, missing coating, and durability should be good.

  • 5) Identify the species of hardwood flooring

    Species name currently on the market is very confusing due to the growth of hardwood in different environments, and the same species can have slightly different material because of its origin. raw material prices are not the same too. Some manufacturers or distributors want to promote the sales, changing its original name with a very nice name, such as: cherry, rosewood, basil, sandalwood and other names. Moreover, some distributors and manufacturers sell low grade hardwood as high grade hardwood to make more profit.

    When buying hardwood flooring, it is better to buy from the companies with famous brand and high reputation, in addition to quality assurance, but usually have a certain product warranty period, all occurring during the warranty period warping, deformation, cracks and other problems, manufacturer is responsible for repair, change.

  • Decide the length and width

    Hardwood flooring is not longer as widely as possible and Bothbest recommends taking shorter length to avoid easily deformed, cupping, warping

  • Installation

    In addition to the quality of the floor itself, proper installation is essential. Please clean and dry the ground, choose a well reputation installation company to make the laying down for you. They can do a lot of little adjustments for you, like color variation, length and width fitting.

hardwood flooring buying guide