Saw Mark Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is becoming one of the majority floor covering in the market, but the styles are really in a small range, like solid, strand woven, engineered. This gives very few options to consumers. Bothbest creates a new special style for our strand woven bamboo flooring, we send bamboo flooring into a machine, when it goes through, the saw blade will make very deep marks on the surface. Those deep marks have very rustic, wild and super cool looking, just one view, you will love it because it is so different than any other bamboo.

Saw mark bamboo flooring has added the stained elements and saw marks, so the surface is smart up, beyond the conventional style of bamboo flooring, to bring you a fresh feeling. Traditional bamboo flooring combines modern innovative processing, highlighting the natural, free and easy and elegant. Fashion style gives you exposure to a mountain villa to enjoy. Environmental protection and sustainable raw materials do have a good dimensional stability in different circumstances. With high density characteristics, this brand new bamboo flooring is 1.5 times in density over than ordinary oak flooring. Products have different colors, bronze, black, amber, French red, chestnut brown, white wool, and is suitable in both standard Tongue+Groove and Unilin Click. Meanwhile, as an easy maintenance of bamboo flooring, sweeping and vacuuming is necessary. Timing of adoption floor cleaners, and for ensuring that the water splashed on the floor as soon as possible and pat dry.

Saw mark bamboo flooring size: 915x130x14mm

Price: USD27.00/ sq m, ex-factory

saw mark bamboo flooring