All About Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring happens to be one of the best elegant, durable and stylish products for flooring but it definitely isn’t the strongest stuff. It is a natural and organic material, therefore if it is left outside long enough, it will start cracking and breaking down. This is not to say that your bamboo flooring is not strong. Manufacturers have been prompted to do more to the bamboo material so as to making it stronger in a process known as weaving.

Strand woven bamboo flooring is the strongest of all types of bamboo flooring. It however doesn’t have the traditional look of bamboo but rather comes closer to some exotic hardwoods in appearance. It is impregnated with glue hence its strong properties.

How is bamboo strand woven?

Bamboo is a highly fibrous material since it is primarily made of grass, not wood for those who previously thought so. Therefore manufacturers came up with a process of laminating these fibers one on top of the other then they are stranded in an adhesive base forming a strong material as the end product. This is the reason it is known as weaving.

The importance of weaving

Bamboo is already a soft product when it is harvested, therefore there is a need to strengthen it for flooring purposes. Carbonizing, a process of staining or browning the bamboo flooring also happens to weaken it so the bamboo needs to be strengthened adequately.

Bamboos and floors

You are probably wondering by now as to whether it should be a good idea to floor using bamboo. Well it is, but it relies on manufacturing methods such as strand weaving process, adhesives, tough aluminum oxide finishes and core materials too. Therefore for a completely finished bamboo flooring the difference is not that much from a hardwood one.

Costs compared to other bamboo flooring types

Strand woven bamboo is generally 50% higher in pricing than the other kinds. This is due to its durability as opposed to the others.


As with any other product, there are always drawbacks to their use. In strand woven bamboo, the adhesive which is used to make the material stronger may cause the floor to emit volatile organic chemicals. This may vary in levels depending on how it was manufactured.

Also if you wanted a look and feel of natural bamboo in your home, then the manufacturing pretty much makes it look slightly less natural.

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