Proper Maintenance of Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is relatively easy to maintain as long as you practise proper preventative techniques to ensure that you don’t end up with scars and scratches all over your flooring. It needs to be handled properly if you want it to remain with an elegant look and feel in your interior design space.

Preventative maintenance

• You should come up with a policy of inviting people to remove their shoes when entering the room. This prevents scarring and scratch marks as well as cutting down on the tiny grit particles that can be carried into the room by shoes. You will also evoke a cultural feel of entering into a natural environment.

• Certain types of bamboo flooring can get discoloured by sunshine. This especially concerns the flooring areas that are close to windows because they are regularly beamed at the exact same spot. You can prevent this by using blinds and shades.

• High heeled shoes can also cause great damage to bamboo flooring. If you usually wear them, try and ensure that your heels have a pad at the tip and that they are in good repair. Otherwise you will keep on gruelling about how your floor is constantly losing its elegance.

• Never drag heavy furniture across a bamboo floor. You can also put furniture pads under the legs of the heavy pieces so that they don’t cause divots by sinking into the floor. Casters that are in furniture should be removed and get replaced by felt backed casters.

• If you are in a wet environment ensure that you place rugs and mats in high moisture areas such as in front of sinks and bath rooms. The rugs should also not have a backing made of rubber as this will suffocate the bamboo causing it to get discoloured.

• You should also keep your pet nails trimmed to prevent them from scratching the floor’s surface when you are away. This especially concerns large dogs that can cause very huge scarring in the bamboo flooring.

• Over time, the colour of a bamboo flooring usually fades slightly. You can try to even out the fading across the entire surface by periodically rotating your furniture. This will help out a lot in creating an even tone across your flooring.

This few techniques will help you maintain your bamboo flooring in top condition for a very long time.

proper maintenance bamboo flooring