Quality China Bamboo Flooring Properties and Benefits

Bamboo has many of the properties of hardwood flooring though it isn’t hardwood itself but a type of grass. This surface covering material has many of the benefits of a hardwood floor and even better. If you are thinking of using bamboo as your flooring then you should understand the benefits and properties of it so as to make a better informed decision when purchasing or maintenance.

Properties and benefits of bamboo flooring

• Easy maintenance- When it comes to maintenance, bamboo flooring doesn’t disappoint. It is relatively easy to maintain and all you need to do is have it swept and vacuumed regularly. Occasionally you can mop it or clean it with a non-alkaline, non-wax, hardwood or bamboo floor cleanser.

• Made of natural material- the construction industry has changed over the years as more people have become ecologically conscious and are asking for products that echo their sentiments. People are also seeking out designs and materials that focus on their individuality and a fusion of nature. This has therefore led to natural materials becoming a trend in the industry at the moment.

• Water resistant- As compared to hardwood flooring, bamboo material is a bit more resistant to stains, warping and water damage though it still is a concern.

• Durability- If you are looking for something durable then bamboo has certain types that are extremely strong and hard. A bamboo that was properly harvested and is natural and un-carbonized can be very durable just like red oak. You can also look for strand woven bamboo that can be twice as hard than the normal one.

• Style- Bamboo flooring is a trendy design that will work to awe your guests every time they come visiting. It can elevate the elegance of your space and give it a feel of hardwood flooring but that is very distinct and different.

• Refinishing- Bamboo floors just like any type of floor can become discoloured and scratched over time. The good news is that the surface of this material can be refinished by sanding it down and re-applying finishing coats to give it a fresh new look.

• Price- You probably wanted to know this long before you started reading this article. The pricing of bamboo floors is almost similar to that of hardwood floors, often ranging between $2 to $8 per square foot depending on the quality.

• Ecologically friendly- As said earlier, this material is more environmentally friendly than hardwood floors. The bamboo plant can be able to grow to maturity within 3-5 years. This is much faster than hardwood trees which can take more than 20 years before it reaches maturity.

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