Pros and Cons of Engineered Bamboo Flooring

Engineered bamboo flooring has become a popular thing nowadays when it comes to interior. Its unique look, durability and environmentally friendly tone have all contributed to the immense popularity lately. It has a lot of benefits as well as drawbacks of owning engineered bamboo flooring.

Engineered Bamboo Flooring Pros

• Cleaning - It is very simple to clean, you can decide to use a dust mop for daily maintenance or different cleaners. What you should remember is that wet mopping can be quite destructive for it.

• Easy and flexible installation - When it comes to engineered bamboo flooring, you have a lot of installation methods to choose from. You can decide to glue it down, nail it or have it installed as a floating floor. This allows you to put it over any type of sub floor. The floating installation is also very easy and usually those without any previous experience can manage to do it well.

• Non-allergenic - engineered bamboo flooring is non-allergenic, therefore it doesn’t harbor dust and allergens like any other kind of flooring could. If you have allergies, this type of flooring will make breathing indoors simpler.

• Environmentally friendly - it takes roughly 3-4 years for a bamboo stalk to reach maturity as opposed to more than 20 years for hardwood trees. This makes bamboo flooring to be one of the most sustainable kind of flooring on the market.

Engineered Bamboo Flooring Cons

• Moisture - bamboo flooring is more water resistant than hardwood flooring, but this does not mean that it does not get destroyed by it. If you spill a liquid on the floor you need to ensure than you have it dried immediately. If the liquid were to sink into the floor, it could make it buckle. This therefore means that it is not advised for you to install this flooring in the bathroom.

• Less regulation - some of the bamboo flooring many of us purchase come from countries with less stringent rules and regulations. Therefore it is hard to know what you are going to get. Some may come with significant amounts of chemicals used in its manufacturing process.

• Softness - bamboo flooring lasts for a very long time. However it may not look new for a long time. It easily susceptible to scratches and dents on it because of its softness. High heels, pet claws, small particles that have accumulated over time and dragging furniture across the floor all contribute towards these scratches and dents. If you put heavy furniture on the floor ensure that you use protective pads to make sure that it does not dent the floor.

pros and cons of engineered bamboo flooring