How To Buy Quality Bamboo Flooring

If you want to buy top quality bamboo flooring, please pay attention on this article because a few related tips will be introduced at here, and I am sure you will get useful knowledge after reading it.

Firstly, looking at bamboo flooring color, When manufacturing bamboo flooring, bamboo raw material should be processed at first to remove its bamboo green and bamboo yellow, and in the next step, bamboo cane should be boiled down if its original color is kept, and if it is already coffee color, bamboo cane should be carbonized under high temperature and high pressure environment to change its color, by this way, sugar, starch and other nutrient contents contained inside bamboo should be completely removed, as being manufactured, bamboo flooring will not be damaged by worms or other fungoid easily.

After being carbonized, bamboo will become lighter, however, its performance of bending resistance, crush resistance and water proof will be better, meanwhile, beyond your expectation, bamboo after being carbonize can play the role of purging air.

Looking at bamboo flooring color, if it is natural color and the bamboo lines are clear, its quality is not very good, as for the top quality bamboo flooring after being carbonized, the whole body should be coffee, if the carbonized condition is very good, it would be khaki.

Secondly, compare its raw materials used for flooring manufacture, When checking the raw materials, it is necessary to check the mucilage glue, which is used to connect different bamboo chips together and finally form a whole bamboo flooring. If the mucilage glue quality is very poor, bamboo flooring is easy to be out of shape and even be cracked.

Here is the simplest way to check the mucilage glue condition, just put a small pieces of bamboo flooring into water and then soak for a while, you should compare its expansion condition and deformation condition in a certain period of time.

Thirdly, pay attention on the moisture content of bamboo flooring, In short, it is important to avoid being cracked when paving bamboo flooring at home, so that moisture content is a significant factor which should not missed. For example, if the moisture content is too much higher or it is not uniform, flooring is easy to be cracked with the drastic change of temperature and humidity.

As for the standard of moisture content, please be careful that it would be different at different regions, in general, in the south region, moisture content should be about 12 percent and in the south region, it should be controlled between 8 percent and 10 percent because bamboo flooring would be accommodated with local climatic environment very well.

When buying bamboo flooring, you can use your hands to touch its surface to feel its moisture content.

how to buy quality bamboo flooring