Common Bamboo Flooring Problems Solution

As you know, in cold winter, the climate is too much dry, especially in northern area, at this time, some people will complain that the bamboo flooring inside becomes to crack and they think it is quality problem, in fact, this is not the case, in order to avoid such terrible condition, you have to pay more attention on the humidity indoor because of bamboo flooring’s specific material.

Please follow related tips below to deal with terrible bamboo flooring condition.

Firstly, floor crack The main reason for such condition is dry environment indoor, as usual, bamboo flooring is easy to be shrank because of lacking of moisture, which finally leads to crack. At the same time, once bamboo flooring was soaked in water, they will crack after being affected with damp. What’s more, when flooring bamboo flooring at home, the distance between different flooring should be enough, otherwise, it would crack once being heated or affected with damp.

If you want to prevent crack, it is important to take useful ventilation methods, as usual, the humidity indoor should be kept between 40 percent and 80 percent. In addition, it is recommended to use humidifier in winter. In daily life, please not to use too much wet swob to clean bamboo flooring because moisture will be absorbed into flooring, which will shorten its working life.

Secondly, flooring surface crack The reason for such condition is the same as the first point, so don’t worry, you can also the same solution to avoid such condition.

Thirdly, abnormal sound on bamboo flooring Sometimes people will hear abnormal sound from bamboo flooring when walking on it, and here are some reason to explain it, for example, if the ground is not flat or the rough ground is not flat, abnormal sound will be happened, meanwhile, the same condition will happen if bamboo flooring is out of shape. Finally, when maintaining flooring, please not to use poor quality essential oil because the quality will be affected seriously.

In most cases, it is not quality problem for bamboo flooring abnormal sound, generally speaking, bamboo is mainly used for bamboo flooring manufacture, bamboo itself has good performance of flexibility, therefore there would be some sound even if there is nobody walking on it, don’t worry about it.

In order to avoid such condition, the floor and rough ground should be flat, in other words, no sags and crests condition is allowed when flooring bamboo flooring. Meanwhile, the moisture content of rough ground should be between 8 percent and 12 percent. What’s more, it is important to keep suitable humidity indoor so that floor will not be affected by moisture.

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