Outdoor Bamboo Decking vs Carbon Wood vs Preservative Wood

Outdoor projects can become qualified materials are various kinds of materials (wood preservative, carbonized wood, wood, bamboo) is the most scientific and technological content of bamboo natural genetic adaptation to different climates, wind, snow, rain, sunlight, etc. always accompanied by its growth, from raw materials with such outstanding quality production from outdoor floor, it will inevitably make people with the assured, no worries.

Outdoor bamboo decking substrate is a recombinant bamboo, also known as heavy bamboo, bamboo is a way to reorganize and strengthen them forming, striking new bamboo material, bamboo is the ease through fine after drying after immersion glue, and then dried to a moisture content of the standard requirements, the surfacing molding, high temperature and pressure into a hot plate. Slice, slot and oiled, coherent, stable quality outdoor bamboo flooring, texture, appearance, bamboo comes from nature, after processing, back to nature.

Advantages outdoor bamboo flooring better density:

Outdoor bamboo flooring density of 1.20g / cm3 or more, and is now widely used wood preservative sylvestris can reach 0.4g / cm3, Merbau, teak, can reach about 1.0g / cm3.

Better strength:

Its MOR reach 220Mpa above. In the case of the same thickness, the impact force is sylvestris 7-10 times, it can be implemented using less material to achieve better performance.

Better weather resistance:

According to the national standard method 28 hours loop detection, thickness swelling within 5%; 72 hours based on cooking in boiling water detection, thickness swelling of less than 10%, and the target product can achieve controllable expansion water; let outdoor bamboo products warping, cracking and other concerns from gone.

Better corrosion resistance:

It reached the national standard level corrosion. Aging in laboratory tests, useful life of 15 years. As time goes by, the only eternal value.

Better environmental protection:

Thinning of bamboo will not cause damage to the ecological environment, made of environmentally friendly materials; processing without the addition of harmful substances, mainly physical changes, adding phenolic resin adhesive formaldehyde emission less than 0.2mg / 100g, lower at 0.5mg / 100g European E1 standard. Outdoor and indoor environmental protection from the synchronization.

In summary, outdoor bamboo decking terms of appearance and content, trends or the status quo, are far superior to other outdoor materials, the winning point is the use of bamboo fiber changes and new technologies, will be the common, ordinary herb transformed into high the excellent quality of the new material.

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