Bamboo Can Grow up One Meter Long Overnight

There is a phrase "springing up" by many and bamboo shoots after the rain Come quick to describe the emergence of new things. Spring is a season of growth, the green grass, green trees, and a variety of flowers open. Bamboo is no exception, but also bamboo spring germination season. However, with the Internet there is a very interesting statement about bamboo: "bamboo can grow one meter a day and night." For this argument Netizens have said they did not believe it. Then the truth in the end what is it? In order to verify the rumors, Xiao Bian take you to one of China's top ten Anji Township to test what happens.

Why will the experiment take place at Angelina do? Because Angelina has a world-famous Chinese Bamboo Exposition Garden, the garden planted more than 300 kinds of bamboo, both local Chinese, but also in South America, Southeast Asia, Africa and even bamboo, in such a wide variety of garden experiments is the fairest fair and simple. So in this Expo, there are no bamboo can grow one meter a day and night of bamboo it? After some communication contact the reporter saw the Garden of Bamboo art. Technician told reporters, in theory, should be a spring rain bamboo shoots grow very quickly, but one day not one meter long they do not have the exact observed. This argument seems to want to verify some of the reporters had a good observation.

So how to choose bamboo varieties do? With the help of technicians, the reporter chose Jin Xiang Yu, feeding chickens and bamboo flower bamboo three experiments. Each selection of five bamboo shoots were measured their height and make good marks. Anji abundant spring rain, rain from good afternoon to begin the next measurement, has been intermittently down to the next day. After a night of pouring rain, bamboo's growth will happen then?

The next morning the rain into the forest reporters measurement bamboo. The first measure is the first of the bamboo - Jin Xiang Yu. The growth of three former Jin Xiang Yu are not very optimistic about the growth of respectively 49 cm, 30 cm and 59 cm. But the fourth, fifth Jin Xiang Yu trees looks a bit strange. Fourth Jin Xiang Yu trees only 3 cm long, fifty trees but long 68 cm. Opinion competition between bamboo is also very intense, although one day the growth rate of 68 cm has been very impressive, but the rumors and said that the situation of 1 meter long for a day or a little gap. Then the second flower bamboo chicken feed it? Its result will be? After some measuring reporter found the second fastest bamboo flower feeding chickens 71 cm long, despite a lot faster than the growth rate of Jinxiang, but still not one meter.

The growth of the past four bamboo, the bamboo does not seem to grow particularly fast, the highest value growth is 83 cm, is a day and night has been bamboo can grow one meter statement is not true? Growth then the last one, which is the highest ever measured in a bamboo will not be the same? Fengyun tallest bamboo really long so fast, even for one day really tall more than one meter.

It seems a day and night of bamboo can grow one meter saying the exact no doubt. But the president bamboo Why so fast? The growth rate of bamboo plants is faster than the other, because it is to grow a tree by a tip meristem to promote its high-growth, that is growth cone, it has only one. According to the same statement has more than 70 composed of bamboo, each section has a growth cone, which is intervening meristem, so it grow faster than other plants a little faster.

That is to rely on a tree branches at the top of meristem cell division becomes large and growing, bamboo is saying is not the same. The reason why bamboo grows fast because meristem bamboo not only have the top, but each section of bamboo in there, as it is composed of multiple growth meristem split common cause. Meanwhile experts also told reporters, we measured the fastest growing bamboo is actually not the case.

Chinese Academy of Forestry Research Institute of Subtropical in bamboo Exposition Lingfeng Temple Woodland bamboo bamboo inside an experiment, test out the data and the maximum daily growth rate of one meter XXI which may not be the bamboo daily growth a limit amount, it may be possible in the growth rate of climatic conditions better place a little faster.

After a reporter field visits and personally marking and measuring only bamboo can grow one meter reach night, other bamboo species are not, and bamboo is only produced in China as the center of Huangshan mountain bamboo, bamboo is the highest timber, but also the quality of the most stable, widely used in bamboo flooring, bamboo plates, bamboo handicraft production, fast growth, high density and large output other bamboo species which are unmatched advantage.

Bamboo Can Grow up One Meter A Day