Bamboo Plywood Pros and Cons

Bamboo furniture plate after processing a good beautifully pressed bamboo composite sheet, there are 4-6 years of large-diameter bamboo general production use, after cutting, rough planing, drying, sand light, plate, cutting board and other multi-channel mature complete process from production, it is compared with ordinary sheet was particularly evident advantages: high density, high strength, hardness, because each of bamboo has been doing fine pick fine election, every bamboo has to undergo a rigorous process to ensure that each is a plate of acceptable quality, durable, dazzling.

Bamboo Plywood Pros or Advantages: high temperature lamination, structural stability

Bamboo sheets are generally used bamboo mosaic, with the import of green glue compound in the case of high temperatures is made, this product feature is having a solid and stable, not a plastic, and not easily deformed, off the bamboo sugar, acid after the value of the starch and protein, it has a powerful anti-moth, durable personality. After the high-pressure composite made of bamboo very resistant, mildew, soft and smooth surface, stable quality, can be well suited for a high-level material furniture, crafts, toys, machinery and so on.

Bamboo Panels advantages: natural texture, environmental protection

Because it is made of natural high quality bamboo as raw material, so after a natural given, there is a surge of green bamboo itself clear wind. It textures natural, fresh and elegant, giving the effect of a back to nature. Bamboo board instead of the original timber, in this material harmful substances greatly reduce the harm of other wood, formaldehyde content of less than wood materials and other materials for home appropriate.

Bamboo Plywood Pros or advantages: bright colors, pest control mildew

It is a great small color characteristics of a bamboo board, according to the classification of color, then you can order two, one is the natural color is bamboo itself has color, without any process of change, with a wealth of bamboo pattern, color uniform, bright color, you can clearly see the texture of the bamboo itself, with respect to this bamboo carbonized color of bamboo is more popular. Another is carbonized color, color change after high-temperature steam smoked bamboo through two hours and generated more rustic flavor carbonized color, decorated with European-style perfect match.

Bamboo Plywood Conss or Disadvantages: high cold arrogance expensive, well-kept

Because raw materials are natural bamboo plate itself will change with the seasons and climate vary, so after the completion of renovation and furniture, bamboo sheet surface must be coated with paint or natural oil closed around and let the air water into the inside plate and impact on bamboo board contraction and expansion. Can not avoid sun exposure and rain water can not be hit with the perfect body, it is easy to leave scratches.

Bamboo board is introduced into a growing number of top designers to their work, because the designers who are adhering to the taste of the first, the trend of the first, the first principle of environmental protection, and bamboo board just to meet them these noble and elegance need. Flaw does not cover jade, bamboo board although there are disadvantages caused by the material itself, but it is still the most prominent category sheet material.

Bamboo Plywood Pros and Cons