Outdoor Bamboo Replaces Merbau, Wood, WPC

Currently, outdoor flooring, wall panels and other timber to prevent the rotten wood and more valuable hardwood timber-based, most of the wood preservative under varying weather conditions and easy to crack and deformation, some of the anti-corrosion agent in the rain erosion will be on pollute the environment. Experian company developed high-performance outdoor bamboo wood recombinant products, not only can replace wood preservative to reduce deforestation of the tropical rain forest hardwood forest, and high dimensional stability, easy expansion and deformation, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, environmentally friendly. This floor non-toxic, not a plastic, not easy to deformation, as well as anti-termite and other functions. 24-hour thickness swelling compared to the previous bamboo flooring, from 8% down to 0.4%, corrosion grade I grade corrosion, corrosion is a strong level.

Outdoor bamboo decking through deep immersion technique to each cell fully injected bamboo environmentally friendly low-molecular material, thereby forming a solid-type crystal structure and stable unit, in order to achieve corrosion termite, flame retardant, extremely difficult to crack deformation and other outstanding features.

More environmentally friendly: The product uses renewable resource bamboo as raw material to replace wood as raw material of traditional production methods. The production of bamboo utilization high, reaching more than 90%, more than twice the traditional mode of production of raw material utilization, so that both sustainable production, but also effectively protect the environment;

High density: The product densities up to 1200kg / m3, is 1.6 times more than ordinary bamboo flooring, high hardness, high strength, high impact toughness;

Small deformation coefficient: The product is resistant to water absorption, deformation, etc., it was determined 24 hours thickness swelling of only 0.4%, which is far better than ≤2.0% of European standards;

Low formaldehyde: The product is free of formaldehyde emission in the 0.35mg / l or less, have reached the green standards in Europe and America, is a truly green products.

Outdoor bamboo decking after restructuring on the basis of the original interior heavy bamboo flooring on a technical upgrade to improve the anti-corrosion formula, extending the bamboo carbonization process time, the choice of better quality imported outdoor oil, fundamentally these strong measures solve the ordinary outdoor floor in the south easy to mold, rot, easy to dry in the north of the problem. Outdoor heavy bamboo flooring significantly extend the life of outdoor flooring, in line with the current needs of low-carbon, it can be widely used in municipal engineering, landscape garden, terrace, internet and seaside boardwalk and so on.

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