Outdoor Bamboo Decking Maintenance Useful Important Tips

Home use indoor wood floor all know, regular maintenance to extend the life of the floor, the floor gloss protection is very important; the car has entered the household, cars also have to go back after a certain number of kilometers or time 4S shop for maintenance purposes is to maintain its good performance; the same token decay weatherproof outdoor bamboo decking also needs some maintenance, outdoor nature is still on the floor bamboo flooring, also need regular maintenance.

First, the row of water (water drained floor surface)

Outdoor floor surfaces have water, we have if not promptly treated, it will lead to the floor discoloration, water stains, and cracks and other phenomena. Of course, life will be cut short, we can choose the outdoor bamboo flooring shallow groove pattern, so water is not easy, but in the rain drain faster.

Second, repair damage to the surface of the floor area

If the floor locally damaged, no sanding, we only need to clean the surface, after drying, with the original painted wood wax in damage at a local re-coating it again. If you have cracked or severely damaged, you can fasten the card Loosen the screws will damage the floor removed, the other for a new floor, and then tighten the screws.

Third, regular maintenance (painting outdoor wood wax)

If you take into account the aging of the aforesaid factors, or public places often wear factor Gabriel bamboo flooring is recommended for large flow of people in public places outdoors floor every six months to re-apply outdoor wood wax (a to sell, you can go to Amoy) on the treasure. When re-waxing, good clean first floor surface without sanding, brushing directly on the surface on the line.

Fourth, drug use (treatment of special areas)

If bamboo decking buildup on chemicals, and we should be using cleaner wipe, or rinse with water. After wiping, the floor surface gloss will be reduced, so it is timely to do waxing maintenance.

Fifth oil processing (this is very important)

Outdoor floor with oil after, if not timely treatment, will produce oil and color and so on. To use cleaning agents, water carefully wipe satisfied before waxing.

Holding outdoor bamboo flooring good appearance, not just the floor itself is of acceptable quality, but requires the user to carry out regular maintenance after installation and maintenance, otherwise even the best quality floor there will be premature.

Outdoor Bamboo Decking Maintenance