Low Carbon Life With Bamboo Flooring

Many people have seen, bamboo chair, bamboo lying chair, bamboo mat, which had been into our lives long time ago, and become an integral part. Bamboo can be used with the increasingly radical, more and more advanced technology, many previously impossible have become possible. Through high-tech, bamboo flooring brings bamboo to become a common part of family life, and not inferior to other flooring materials, like hardwood.

With 5.38 million hectares of bamboo plantations and an annual increase of 100,000 hectares, China is leading the world's bamboo industry in its number of varieties, amount of bamboo reserves, as well as production output.

The Chinese government is also working to develop its bamboo industry to meet its goals in environmental protection and green economic development, as planting bamboo is both profitable and environmentally-friendly. An INBAR report in 2009 suggested that bamboo was proven environmentally-friendly since it draws in carbon dioxide and gives off oxygen as it grows, and grown bamboo can capture and hold more carbon dioxide than equivalent plantation trees.

Bamboo flooring has many advantages, high density, toughness, strength, durable, not easily deformed, smooth texture, bright color, but also low-carbon green environmental protection product, is recognized as the new century green decoration materials, present in many villas, houses, apartment. Compared with wood floors, bamboo flooring has its special advantages.

Bamboo has smaller radius than wood, and is not severely affected by sunlight, no significant difference between yin and yang side, less color variation than wood flooring; processed from the fresh bamboo, bamboo flooring has rich pattern, uniform color.

Hardness of bamboo flooring for the plant crude fiber structure, its natural hardness of more than twice as high than wood, but not easy to deformation, in theory, the service life of 20 years.

Environmental protection growing season considerably shorter than the bamboo trees, bamboo flooring can help reduce use of wood, and the price is relatively cheap, generally high-grade bamboo flooring prices is only the equivalent of middle and low price of wood floor.

Same as wood flooring, bamboo flooring fears moist deformation. However, bamboo flooring has high fiber density, so when the bamboo flooring and wooden floor while water soaked for 24 hours, bamboo flooring expansion deformation rate was only half of wood flooring, so bamboo flooring can also be used in north of country, but not suitable for bathroom, kitchen, etc. house the "wet zone" areas. Bamboo flooring surface has multi-purpose varnish, matt, semi-gloss and glossy.

Please let bamboo flooring become a part of your life now!

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