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Bamboo Beer

Bamboo beer is a health beer with advantages of Anti-Fatigue, Anti-Aging, Antibacterial, Antiviral, Enhance Immunity, Anti-Cancer and Biological Effects.

In recent years, bamboo and biological efficacy of the active ingredient caused the study of food, nutrition and medicine attention. Studies have shown that bamboo has active ingredients, including: flavonoids, phenolic acids, anthraquinone, lactone, polysaccharides, amino acids, trace elements, with excellent resistance to the base, oxidation points, anti-fatigue, anti-aging, antibacterial, antiviral, enhance immunity, anti-cancer, anti-cancer and other biological effects. Bamboo extract on lipid-lowering effect has been studied, and on this basis in theory, high quality bamboo beer was developed.

Bamboo leaf extract (Eb1) is a recently developed a flavonoid nutrients, rich in flavonoid glycosides and coumarin lactones and other active ingredients, has the silver investigation extract (Egb) similar biological effect. In conventional beer production process to strengthen a certain amount of Eb1, get bamboo beer has the following characteristics:

  • 1) obvious bamboo fragrance, refreshing, mellow;
  • 2) rich content of bio-flavonoids, better resistance to free radicals and antioxidant properties;
  • 3) excellent storage stability and low diacetyl recovery.

Bamboo beer is a high-quality health-beer, regular consumption can reduce blood lipids.

Raw materials for producing bamboo beer:

  • Bamboo leaf extract (Eb1): brown powder, containing 24.7% total flavonoids.
  • Ginkgo biloba extract (Egb): yellow powder, 24% of the total cross-ketone content.

Any client who orders full container of bamboo flooring and bamboo panel, we will offer 2 cases of bamboo beer as a special gift. You will not find bamboo beer locally, only from us.

bamboo beer