Carbonized Bamboo Flooring & Engineered Wood Flooring

Carbonized flooring is the treated by hot water without oxygen, it takes 100 minutes to carbonize bamboo and water temperature is 130-150 centigrade. Carbonized flooring can be divided into carbonized bamboo flooring and carbonized engineered wood flooring.

Carbonized bamboo flooring: Bamboo is placed in the carbonized tank with high-temperature, high humidity, high pressure, this makes organic of bamboo, like sugar, starch, protein, decomposition of variability, bamboo fiber changing color after high temperature, high pressure.

Carbonized engineered wood flooring: Top layer is always carbonized oak. It uses micro surface molecular technology to dry and carbonize the oak, to make the fiber to internal migration, to promote a high degree of integration of wood fiber holes.

Carbonizing time: 1.5 hour

Water temperature is 130 - 150 centigrade

Pressure: 3 kg / cm2

carbonized bamboo

Advantages of carbonized flooring

  • 1) Moisture-proof: Bamboo or wood after carbonization treatment, the fiber hole is intensive and concentrated. Water is very difficult to soak inside.
  • 2) Antisepsis: After carbonization, organic of bamboo or wood has been decomposed totally, no place for fungus to survive.
  • 3) Stability: After carbonization, bamboo or wood fiber holes are highly integrated, this eliminate the stress of wood, so bamboo or wood is very stable, no thermal expansion and shrinkage.
  • 4) Warm in winter, cool in summer: Bamboo charcoal or wood charcoal has the function of heat-absorbing and insulation, so same as carbonization.
carbonized bamboo