Laminate Flooring Installation Guide

Laminate flooring is a kind of DIY flooring and you can follow this installation guide to make the laying by yourself, no need of professional skills and tools. Laminate flooring installation is fast and the ground need be very clean because the flooring will be glued on it directly. Laminate flooring is so popular because of easy installation and low maintenance.

The installation site requirements:

  • The floor must be installed in a dry cement on the ground, the ground should have a good carrying capacity.
  • Indoor air humidity is less than 70%, room temperature is over 18 centigrade, and the surface temperature is over 15 centigrade. The ventilation is good (best temperature 18 ~ 25°C. Humidity 40 ~ 50%).
  • The flatness of the ground should be controlled at 3mm / m or less, using cement to even the ground.
  • People can walk in 24 hours after installation. The glue will achieve the strongest bond strength after 7 days.

The necessary installation tools and materials:

  • Tensioner, back hook, hammer pad, plumb line, carpentry ruler, carpentry saws, plastic mats, hammer, flat shovel. D3 waterproof glue, 3 mm PVC mat, skirting board, T molding, end cap.

Installation method:

1) the installer clean up the ground floor - playing the baseline - laying PVC mats - trial installing - glue plank - clean the board - install skirting board - cleared

2) Installation process: before installing the floor, the first is to measure out the actual area of the installation site accurately, estimate the amount of flooring board.

  • Clean up: cleaning the ground, evening the ground with cement and keeping the ground dry.
  • Marking out vertical line between four corners with the wall, as baseline for installation, baseline distance from the wall is 10 ~ 12mm.
  • Laying the foam: to stick the foams by adhesive tape (overlapping part is not less than 150mm with).
    laminate flooring installation

    Lay the foam

    laminate flooring installation

    Put laminate flooring on the foam

  • Testing installation: the first three rows of shops try not glue the first row and play a good baseline alignment, the joints between boards should be staggered at least 20 cm in each row of the last piece of the floor plate shall not be less than 30 cm cut-off . Pavement parallel to the direction or with indoor lighting to extend the line along the direction of the room ceiling.
    laminate flooring installation
    laminate flooring installation
  • Gluing: the tongue need be glued and it need check whether the flooring is flat after installing each row. A wood wedge need be placed in the gap between flooring with the wall.
  • Skirting board: the skirting board will be installed after laying out of flooring board, ink line up with the horizontal line along the skirting board, skirting board up on the floor thickness of the edge, on-line install. The distance between the wedge wall shall not exceed 750mm, dowel length of not less than the thickness of the skirting board 2.5-fold. Kok Yin and Yang skirting boards inclination angle should be cut at 45 degrees. Baseboard and the wall close to seamless.
    laminate flooring installation
  • Cleaning: clean the excess glue marks and dirt on the floor surface and patchwork.
    laminate flooring installation
Installation tips:
  • 1) Pavement before the floor should be placed in the room at least 24 to 48 hours.
  • 2) Pavement has been completed, the Master allowed within 24 hours or heavy pressure.
  • 3) Length of skirting board height difference should be less than 3mm.
  • 4) Floor area greater than 100 square meters or install extension cords more than 8 meters, should be added T molding.
  • 5) D3 glue general dosage: 12 ~ 15m2/500g.