Hardwood Flooring Maintenance

As you install hardwood flooring at home, you must want the flooring to be bright as new, comfortable and beautiful, also want to extend the flooring life. However, due to different manufacturing processes, there are lacquered and waxed wood floors, thus determining different maintenance.

Cleaning of hardwood floor

Either lacquered or oiled wood floor, we can use vacuum cleaner to remove of the dirt on daily cleaning. For stains, we need use a soft cloth dipped in a detergent or soap flakes to clean dilution. For large area, use spray or rotary cleaning machine. For wood flooring, water is the enemy of it, as less as possible in cleaning.

Lacquered wood floor: When flooring collected a lot of dirt for cleaning difficultly, you can use degreaser mixed with 25°C warm water, before the use of degreaser, wood floor should be in sufficient cleaning. If flooring was defaced seriously, it should be polished off the surface, then re-painting, but this method should be a last solution, because the refinishing will make flooring thinner.

Oiled wood floor: For a large area of stains, you can use a polishing machine with sofa pad. In order to maintain the sheen level, the polishing must be done in 4 hours after coated with oil, then let the floor dry naturally in 16-24 hours.

Maintenance of hardwood floor

Lacquered wood floor: After cleaning, it should be coated with wax or natural oil. In standard, bedroom room can be waxed or oiled per month, for kitchen, dining hall and living room.

Waxed wood floor: Clean the floor completely and let it dry, then coated in a thin layer of light oil, polish it with a soft cloth and wipe off excess oil stain to avoid bright spots. Let flooring air dry after oiled.

Hardwood flooring maintenance tips:
  • Room humidity should not be too high, keep the floor dry. Clean the floor with soft mop daily.
  • On daily use, should be avoid of sharp metal, glass tiles, studs and other hard object to scratch the flooring.
  • To keep flooring look beautiful and extend the life, we recommend waxing flooring minimum 2 times per year. Flooring need be completely cleaning before wax and it need be polished without leaving any wax on the flooring.
  • Flooring is very afraid of water, windows need be closed in rain. For flooring damaged by water, use the mop to remove water and let it dry naturally. Do not leave flooring under sunshine, otherwise, flooring will be cupping.
  • In autumn and winter, air is dry so you can use dampening machine to increase the moisture of room.
  • When moving the furniture, the furniture legs need be fully protected or lift up the furniture, do not let furniture legs touching the flooring directly.
hardwood flooring maintenance