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Innovative Uses of Bamboo Paneling

Aesthetics! Aesthetics have become an integral part of anyone on a spree to buy a home; coupled with the aesthetics is the desire to have an Eco friendly home. Many eco conscious citizens the world over are opting for Eco friendly interiors or to install Eco friendly furniture’s objects in their house and office. While many are driven by the desire to be unique, few others are opting for Eco friendly objects/wood works because of their cost efficiency. Strangely enough, one wood fulfills the demands of being cost efficient, unique, and aesthetic and also Eco friendly - that wood is Bamboo.

Modern Man’s Answer to Eco Conservation

Yes, alright, bamboo is a grass; every Eco conscious person is aware of that, but at the same time one is equally aware of its tensile strength, its resistant properties, thus making it an attractive alternative to other costlier woods. There are many uses of Bamboo. More and more developers have begun to use bamboo innovatively turning Bamboo into a Swiss army knife of furniture’s.

Bamboo paneling is a cost effective way to add beauty to any décor, be it indoors or outdoors. They are easy to maintain and do not require any extra care and are very durable.

Multiple Uses of Bamboo

Bamboo is being increasingly used for panels. As a Kitchen top counter, they are very easy to clean up, due to their hardiness; they endure the heat and rough use.

Crushed bamboo panels, also known as esterilla in Spanish, are boards made from flattened Bamboo poles. They are used for roof paneling in tropical homes.

Flat panels can be used as an integrated wall support system. The subsequent plastering will make it a viable alternative to brick or drywall.

Space is at a premium in modern flats; there are often times when one wishes for a room partition or divider, something like a collapsible room divider that could be used or collapsed as needs arise. A room divider made from bamboo panel serves the objective of being a room divider efficiently; its light weight makes it easier to push, collapse the wall partition without any gargantuan effort.

The panels find its use as curtains during summer times. The panels being thick, keeps out the heat while the gap in between the splits allows the sunlight to filter in. Being made of wood, it does not require regular washing or cleaning neither is it susceptible to weather. It will not get bleached or get frayed. All in all, bamboo is definitely an excellent choice.

bamboo paneling
bamboo paneling
bamboo paneling
bamboo paneling